MAFS star Jordan Gayle reveals traumatic childhood as he saw mum being attacked

Married At First Sight UK star Jordan Gayle has bravely opened up about his childhood and has spoken about a “traumatic” memory that has followed him into adulthood.

Jordan,who is one of the late-comers on this year's series, being matched up with Scottish dance teacher Erica, has told how he once saw his mum being “thrown around” when he was just three years old and has said that the harrowing scenes have affected him as he’s got older.

Speaking to theMailOnline, the 26 year old explained that one of his first memories is of himself attempting to protect his mum “physically”.

“One of my first living memories was when I was three years old and trying to protect my mum physically. My mum is getting thrown around the room and across the bed, hitting the other side of the floor and I'm running, shouting ‘mummy’ and trying to protect her,” he said.

Jordan, who added that he tries not to think about the incident too much, explained that after his parents separated he became “the man of the house” and his desire to protect his mum and his sister shaped his behaviour.

“I remember asking for a pair of 3kg dumbbells for my eighth birthday because I wanted to be strong to protect my mum,” he said.

As part of the chat, Jordan also opened up about his mental health too and spoke about how Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is something that affects him daily, and that he used to have urges to do irrational things.

But after appearing on Married At First Sight, the TV star credited the show for helping him discover how his “traumatic” childhood has shaped who he is, noting that he got into fitness out of a want to be strong.

And with the show providing contestants with access to therapists, and experts, personal trainer Jordan thanked the Channel 4 production for providing him with support.

“I had therapists and more sessions, and it's given me a better understanding of myself,” he explained.

At just 26,Jordan is one of the youngest of the series but has said that he is sick of his dating life swinging from “one extreme to the other”. After three long-term relationships under his belt, he’s previously said that he’s now ready for The One.

Meanwhile his new bride, Edinburgh-based Erica,told New that she “should have been born” in a different generation as she is an “old soul”.

She went on to say that it is “so hard” to find a “genuine” person who wants the same as she does.

After being scarred by past relationships and taking time to work on herself, Erica is hoping the MAFS UK experts will revive her currently “non-existent” love life.

If you’ve been affected by any of the issues in this story you can contact the 24-hour National Domestic Abuse Freephone Helpline on 0808 2000 247 or visit

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