Lydia speaks about her rape and Cain and Caleb have mystery business in Emmerdale spoilers

Emmerdale's Lydia Dingle is finally set to speak out about her rape, the show's spoilers have revealed.

In recent months, Lydia's old friend Craig Reed has come onto the scene after the pair bumped into one another at a job fair.

Lydia revealed all about her baby tragedy, confirming that Craig was the father of the little one – but as they bonded, they nearly shared a kiss.

Lydia struggled with things and tried to resign from her cleaning position in Craig's business, but he convinced her to stay before raping her in some harrowing scenes.

She's understandably struggled to keep it together since then, but decided not to tell anyone about what happened to her, despite her husband, Sam Dingle, trying to find out what was going on.

But her odd behaviour has raised some concern from loved ones, with Mandy Dingle particularly suspicious of Lydia's behaviour.

On Thursday, 5 October, Mandy finally confronts Lydia and asks her if she has been having an affair with Craig.

Lydia tries to shut down Mandy before rushing out of the Dingle home, but Mandy is left worried and unconvinced by what Lydia tells her.

Later in the episode, Lydia's boss, Kim Tate, finds her sobbing and is instantly concerned for her. Struggling, Lydia breaks down and tells Kim about Craig's actions after deciding she can't keep lying any longer.

Lydia realises that her life has changed forever, and Kim tells her that she needs to be honest with Sam and admit what happened to her. Will Lydia find the strength to tell her husband what has been going on?

Elsewhere in the village, Cain Dingle and his brother Caleb Milligan have only been back in Emmerdale for a short period of time after their mysterious road trip, but they are already onto the next part of their plan.

The pair have been on edge since they came back, and tonight they head into the abandoned Wylie’s Farm on mysterious business. What are the brothers up to?

Completing the dramatic episode, Chloe Harris is concerned for her son Reuben as he comes down with a temperature, but after his recent meningitis battle Chloe asks Charity Dingle to take her to the hospital.

When they arrive at the hospital, despite feeling uncomfortable and guilty, Charity does her best to support Chloe before the little one is given the all-clear.

Chloe is left overwhelmed by the situation, but she is glad that she and Charity appear to be moving forward. Will Charity finally reveal all about her night with Mackenzie Boyd?

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