Kick the b******s out! Ukrainian millionaire orders home to be bombed as Russia moves in

GMB: Adil Ray apologises after Ukrainian guest swears

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Andrey joined Kate Garraway and Adil Ray on Monday’s Good Morning Britain to explain why he agreed to bomb the home he worked so hard on. The millionaire explained he felt “disgusted” when he thought of Russian forces enjoying the mansion he had laboured over. He explained he would do everything he could do to “kick the b******s” out of Ukraine.

“It’s a very simple thing,” Andrey began. “If you were to ask me two months ago, what kind of feeling I would have if some kind of, you know, hostile military peoploe were in my house I would say fury and anger.

“However, it’s not what I felt. I was surprised. I felt disgusted. I felt dirty looking at some guys inside my house.

“So it was an obvious decision. It’s not about money, it’s about effort put into building the house, I’d just finished it.

“It was a beautiful, I spent a lot effort. I want to do everything possible to help Ukraine win because I think we are safeguarding Europe’s safety.

“It is important for us to kick those b******s out of our land. It’s just a little piece I could do.”

Adil jumped in: “Okay we’re just going to apologise for your choice of language there but some people might well agree with your sentiment.”

Andrey’s interview came after ITV reporter John Sweeney spoke from Kyiv and revealed Russia gave an ultimatum to Ukrainian troops in Mariupol to surrender or face being “eliminated” but around 2500 soldiers have chosen to fight on against impossible odds.

“It’s something to behold. That city has been pounded every day for what, day 54 of the war,” he told Adil and Kate.

“But they are still there and I know some people who know some of the fighters.

“They are hiding in an old steelworks which is full of bunkers and subterranean passages and they’re waiting there for the Russian army to try and get them out.

“They’re not helping. This is an extraordinary piece of courage because the battle for Mariupol has saved much of the south.

“It has saved Ukraine’s great port city to the West because of these fighters who are staying here and staying put.

“It means they have blunted Russia’s attack and at some point in the future, some of these fighters will survive and their stories will be extraordinary.”

In the latest report from Ukraine’s armed forces, Russia is said to be completing the formation of an aggressive group in the Eastern Operation Zone.

The report reveals Russian troops have continued a partial blockade of Kharkiv.

It’s also said Russia’s attempts to Novotoshkivsk, Popasna in Luhansk and Avdiyivka and Maryinka in Donetsk were unsuccessful.

Russian troops are also said to be trying to enter the border of Kherson.

And, in Donetsk, shelling has continued on settlements in Siversk and Pokrovsk.

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