Katie Price tells off Carl Woods for scratching painful and scabby tattoo of her face

KATIE Price told off fiancé Carl Woods as he scratched at his scabby tattoo of her face.

Carl, 32, couldn't resist picking at the skin on his arm after getting his second inking of the star.

Katie, 43, could be heard saying in a video on Instagram: "Please stop picking it! You were just telling me you scabbed it!"

"Will you stop telling me what to do?" Carl snapped back.

Katie then filmed Carl grinning as he enjoyed preening his arm and removing more scabs.

She said: "I've just told you to stop doing it.

"And you're still doing it!"

Carl was bombarded with comments from trolls after he debuted the tattoo yesterday.

He has been viciously trolled by fans saying it looks fake and it looks like Katie's rival Jodie Marsh.

The striking image includes a hand over Katie's face and her piercing green eyes.

One fan simply wrote: "Jodie Marsh?"

Another shared: "That’s not a good tattoo. Looks nothing like her."

As one more moaned: "That aint real"

However, other fans loved the design with one writing: "Green eyes like Katie."

The Sun first revealed the smitten couple had the huge tattoos inked on their arms back in October – as Katie said they'll be together "forever".

In a video on their YouTube page the loved-up pair inspected the finished body art as they peeled off the protective cellophane to reveal the replica drawings of their faces.

Katie gasped: "Can you believe that? That is us, sitting there."

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