Kate Gosselin desperately tried to stop her ex-husband Jon from spilling family secrets in nasty court battle – The Sun

KATE Gosselin begged a judge to ban her ex-husband, Jon, from spilling family secrets in their bitter court battle, The Sun can exclusively reveal.

As The Sun reported, Jon, 42, filed a petition for contempt against Kate, 44, on October 18, 2019, claiming she filmed the four minor children in her custody for an episode of Kate Plus 8 without his consent.

Kate hit back with a counterclaim filing exclusively obtained by The Sun, where she requested a Pennsylvania judge “prohibit father from speaking publicly regarding Mother, the children, and anything relating to TLC and/or the filming of any shows with the network.”

In the October 30, 2019 filing, she provided an article from an interview he gave to Daily Mail in September 2019.

He claimed she “mentally tortured” the sextuplets by “targeting Hannah” and “secretly” entered Collin in a special needs institution before he gained custody of both minor children.

Kate insisted the claims of abuse against her are “unfounded.”

She also provided a Daily Mail article where he accused her and TLC of filming the children “against his legal right.”

Kate claimed the articles “shed negative light” on her and the TLC network.

The mom of eight continued that Jon speaking negatively about her publicly resulted in the cancellation of Kate Plus 8, as his claims “left the network unwilling to continue its relationship with Mother.”

She accused Jon of trying to “stall or thwart Mother’s ability to film and earn any income.”

Kate accused him of trying to “publicly embarrass” her and “tarnish” her reputation.

Kate also requested he pay her $3,500 for counsel fees.

Unfortunately for Kate, the court dismissed her counterclaim against Jon.

As for the standalone episode of Kate Plus 8 that aired on October 1, 2019, featuring their twin daughters Mady and Cara’s college tours and a family vacation, Kate “was under the mistaken impression” that the network was “handling all notifications to the Father.”

She was found in contempt and the court ordered that Jon “shall not interfere with or object to the filming of the minor children in Mother’s physical custody without first obtaining a court order" and that he must receive a "filming schedule.”

Kate and Jon have been involved in a nasty court battle since their divorce in 2009.

Kate has primary custody of sextuplets Alexis, Leah, Joel and Aaden, all 15.

She also has Mady and Cara, 19, in her care. They do not speak to their father.

As for Jon, he obtained primary custody of sextuplets Hannah and Collin in 2018.

Kate has stayed off social media since the most recent court battle, as she hasn’t posted since the episode aired in October.

But her daughter Mady has included her in various TikTok videos.

Over the weekend, they posted from Kate's 45th birthday celebration without Hannah and Collin.

Jon has revealed Kate and the children in her custody have "no contact" with Collin.

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