John Carpenter Will Resurrect Lost Music from ‘The Thing’ with New EP

A new version of the original soundtrack for “The Thing,” John Carpenter’s classic science-fiction horror movie from 1982, is coming for fans of the film and Carpenter’s own work as a composer. “Lost Cues: The Thing,” a compilation of unreleased music from the body-horror film set in Antarctica, will arrive on May 5 via Waxwork and Sacred Bones on vinyl. Take a look at the artwork below.

While iconic Italian composer Ennio Morricone provided the film’s original score — because Carpenter wanted a European feel to the production — that music was largely composed before Morricone even got a glimpse of the film. During post-production, Carpenter composed his own cues, many of which were lost but now found in this edition. A new press of Morricone’s original score, which mostly also went unused in the movie, will also hit on May 5.

“Because we weren’t finished editing the movie, Ennio had to score without seeing a complete picture. When we put everything together, there were gaps dramatically where I would have wanted music. So I went off and scored a couple of simple pieces that filled in,” Carpenter said in a statement.

Carpenter has updated the unreleased cues with new recordings featuring his closest musical collaborators, including his son Cody Carpenter and godson Daniel Davies. Carpenter has composed many of his own scores, and released compilations of lost themes, including for “Halloween,” “Assault on Precinct 13,” and “Escape From New York.”

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The Carpenters, along with Davies, most recently collaborated on the score for David Gordon Green’s Michael Myers revamp, 2018’s “Halloween.” Also directed by Green, the next Halloween film, “Halloween Kills,” is still set to hit theaters in October 2020, with “Halloween Ends” arriving in 2021.



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