Jill Duggar warns sons Samuel, 3, and Israel, 5 'be careful' when touching family dog as she fears pup 'might bite them'

JILL Duggar warned her sons Samuel, three, and Israel, five, to "be careful" while touching the new family dog.

The 29-year-old explained she fears the pup "might bite them" in a new YouTube video.

The Counting On alum shared that the family adopted a new dog from the Humane Society in a detailed video, which she posted on Tuesday.

The clip began with Jill, husband Derick Dillard, 31, and their young sons bringing the pup, who was originally named Grindle, to their home.

Derick left the house to buy food, toys and necessity for the dog, while Jill stayed home as she, Israel and Samuel played with the adorable pet in their backyard.

Once Derick returned home, Jill explained that she taught the boys to not touch the dog when she is playing with her bone or eating food.

The mother-of-two explained: "I said that they need to be careful about touching her when she has food or if she has her bone.

"Don't touch her when she's got it, cause she might not know. She might think you're trying to take her bone or her food and she might bite you."

Jill added: "She shouldn't bite you, but she might. So just don't take her food or her bone away from her."

As the video continued, the Dillard family debated over what they wanted to name their new puppy.

After much discussion, they settled on naming the Belgian Shepherd Fenna.

The new video comes after Jill and Derick attended her younger brother Justin's wedding on Friday.

While things have been tense since Jill claimed she was “abused” as she distances herself from her parents Jim Bob and Michelle, she still went to support her sibling at last week’s nuptials. 

Jill confirmed she was at the wedding when she shared a mirror selfie with her husband, as they both stayed safe with face masks. 

The mother rocked a mauve colored lace dress, while Derick sported a black suit with a striped tie. 

The TLC star congratulated her brother and his new bride, Claire, in the caption, then added: “Derick & I got to make a quick date trip to the wedding! 

"The boys had fun playing with Mima while our new puppy played with some new friends.”

Their attendance likely shocked fans, as Jill and her husband have distanced themselves from the show and the fundamentalist family in recent years.

The pair have deviated from the family's strict rules and engaged in behaviors such as drinking and sending their children to public school.

They have even spoken publicly about their sex life, as Jill recently revealed they use "sex games" in the bedroom.

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