Inside Olly Murs’ Essex mansion with outdoor pool and huge bedroom where he’s on lockdown with girlfriend Amelia – The Sun

OLLY Murs is currently living his best life in the comfort of his own home as he continues to stay indoors during the coronavirus lockdown.

Over the past two weeks the singer, 35, has been cooped up inside in his luxurious Essex pad with girlfriend Amelia Tank – and during that time has pulled various pranks on her – including farting in her face and pushing her into his pool to keep himself occupied.

The cheeky chappy's master bedroom boasts a huge double bed with a grey velvet crushed headboard.

He also has a statement piece wall with a busy black and white city printed on it, which looks great contrasted against his white walls.

Despite having an ultra-modern pad, Olly still has some old-fashioned wooden beams running across his ceiling.

Moving outside, the X-Factor star a huge swimming pool situated behind his garden shed which he'll be able to relax by in the coming warmer months.

But the star likes to use all parts of his home to keep fit – including anywhere inside – as he loves to use his aerobic steps to get a sweat on.

Despite having the most lavish house, The Voice judge has admitted that the boredom is already getting to him – and has used TikTok to take his mind off things.

In one video he shared days prior, Amelia could be heard screaming "for f***s sake!" after he pulled down his trousers and farted on her before running away.

He has rapped "bored in the house and I'm in the house bored…" before he strutted into their bedroom, turned around, and let one loose as Amelia sat on the bed reading her phone.

However, fans were left shocked when Olly threw his girlfriend into his swimming pool by her hair for a TikTok video.

Michelle Keegan and John Terry were among those to comments, with Our Girl actress Michelle commenting: "Oh my god!!!! 😂🙈🙈 I would of killed you!!!!"

Olly has since then apologised to his beau after throwing her in the water face first.

The blonde star wrote on Instagram: "Oops sorry babe you asked me to do the challenge."

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