I woke up covered in blood and screaming after cocaine psychosis convinced me my house was caving in admits James Argent | The Sun

TOWIE star James Argent has revealed that he woke up covered in blood after a four-day bender.

The reality star, 35, has long been open about his addiction and in 2020 he opened up on suffering two near-fatal overdoses at home.

James admitted to being a heavy cocaine user for seven years, sparking fears among his loved ones that he could be the next celebrity to die.

Now, three years on, the star has taken a look at that period of his life and said in one of his darkest moments he awoke covered in blood at the bottom of his staircase.

Speaking on The Cabin Recovery podcast, reality favourite James recalled: “I remember waking up at the bottom of my staircase, with blood pouring down my face, like where am I? What am I doing? Screaming for help, but there was nobody around.

“'I was in such a bad physical condition that I couldn't really stand up. I hadn't eaten for days on end.”

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It was at this point that James realised he’d “hit rock bottom.”

He continued to tell host Hunter Michael Shepard: “'Over two years ago, it got that bad when I was literally having, I was picking up and I was continually picking up and using, and I didn't have a wink of sleep for four days straight.

“In my house, doors locked, barricading myself in my room, ultimate paranoia and psychosis. I used to think that the walls in my house were caving in.

“I'll be honest with you, I've never really told anyone this, but for days I'd be holding my head like this in my room, crying and screaming, thinking the ceilings were going to cave in on me.”

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Arg says he hid how serious his addiction was by taking it alone.

After starting off doing cocaine in nightclubs, his £1.3million house became the base for his binges.

His drug binges ended his relationship with co-star Lydia Bright and his job on Towie plus other high-profile TV work.

He also binged on booze or food, and thinks the core to his addiction was trying to hide the pain of his break-ups plus anxiety about weight.

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