Hollyoaks fans delighted as The Traitors legend Maddy Smedley makes soap debut

Hollyoaks viewers were delighted as The Traitors star Maddy Smedley made her debut on the Channel 4 soap.

Maddy is making a guest appearance as Faye Fuller, a talent agent hired to work with influencer Rayne Royce (played by Jemma Donovan), however her role left some fans puzzled and some racking their brains to think of where they recognised the blonde beauty from.

On Tuesday, one confused fan took to Twitter and said: “Where is she from? why do i know her face? #Hollyoaks”, while another added: “#Hollyoaks Is she the woman that was on Traitors?”.

However, some fans recognised her straight away when she first appeared back on the small screen,  as one wrote: “I absolutely love her. From Traitors. So beautiful and funny. Nice to see her on Hollyoaks."

Meanwhile, another said: “Loving Maddy from The Traitors in #Hollyoaks tonight, would love it if she becomes a permanent character.”

Describing her new character: Maddy previously said: “She’s trashy, sassy and a bit cut-throat”.

“She’s a bit more brutal than me in real life. She’s like Del Boy mixed with Deborah Meaden.”

Making her debut across two episodes, Maddy teased that Faye starts to notice Rayne’s “dark” side. The influencer has slowly become the show’s latest villain, isolating her boyfriend Romeo (Owen Warner) from his friends and making up false health problems.

Maddy says: “In the end she realises, ‘Oh, you’ve been lying.’ The brutal elements of Rayne come out”.

The Traitors favourite admitted she was star struck when she started filming with Jemma and Owen. Maddy said: “When you think, ‘Oh my God, I know you from Hollyoaks and I’m A Celeb’ – that was a bit daunting. But they act like normal humans”.

Maddy has also played a small role in EastEnders as Rita the homeless woman, and has also landed small roles on Casualty before taking part in The Traitors.

Not only is Maddy starring in Hollyoaks, but she is also pregnant with her first child and is due to give birth later this year. Speaking about her time on set, Maddy said: “The crew kept offering me chairs to sit down on and I was like, ‘Why are they doing that?

“Then I realised, ‘Ah right. I’m actually carrying quite a load.’”

She announced the exciting news that she was expecting on social media as she wrote: “Got some news, wanna scream it from the roof tops! Beyond excited to meet you

"PS we’re waving back x”, along with a baby scan picture.

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