Holby City spoilers: Dom suffers devastating health setback – forcing Sacha to take HUGE risk

DOM suffers a devastating health setback next week in Holby City – and forces Sacha to make a huge decision.

Dom crashed his car last month while looking for Jodie and hit a loaded skip, causing a metal pole to impale his abdomen.

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Viewers know that Dom has been blaming Sacha for his accident ever since he discovered he pulled him from the car wreckage too early and left him needing life-changing surgery – and decided to sue the hospital. 

Next week on the medical drama, the day of Dom’s hearing arrives and the outcome leaves Dom with a spring in his step. 

Max, meanwhile, is left reeling by the events of the compensation case.

Dom throws himself back into work and ends up bonding with a patient with a stoma bag, who helps him feel more confident.

Sacha is shocked when Dom tells him he’s found a surgeon in Germany that will do a stoma reversal. 

He’s gutted when the clinic pulls out at the last minute and puts Sacha in a tricky situation when he pleads with him to perform the procedure instead. 

Sacha puts aside his moral and legal concerns and agrees to Dom’s request, but insists it must be kept a secret from everyone they know. 

Is Sacha making a huge mistake?

Elsewhere next week, Louis continues to risk everything for his friend Vicky and is drawn into criminal dealings in order to help her out. 

Max also finds herself in hot water as her debts continue to spiral. 

Max despairs when bailiffs turn up at the hospital and is humiliated when they take away her car.

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