Grace welcomes one of the stars of Unforgotten this week

Grace teaser shown on This Morning

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Grace airs this evening (March 26) on ITV1 at 8pm with a two-hour film called Dead Man’s Grip. Roy Grace (played by John Simm), Glenn Branson (Richie Campbell) and the rest of the team will be investigating what appears to be tragic run-of-the-mill traffic collision. But evidence found on the victim hints at something more sinister.

Grace and Branson will be dashing through the streets of Brighton in a race against the clock to find the perpetrator.

Speaking about the episode, actor Campbell said it was the story which stuck with him the most in this series.

He said: “I’ve always liked things that start off small and then they escalate, and this is one of those episodes. They go to what is a seemingly regular RTA (Road Traffic Accident).

“We know the procedure. We know what usually happens, but then other things happen. They find this kid has been run over.

“They find a bag with drugs in it. Then they must find the driver of the truck and the driver of the car. It just spirals out of control.

“Just reading it on the page was brilliant. It really flowed. You kind of go, ‘Yes!’ It’s a race against time. It’s really well executed and personally there is a lot more action for Branson in it.”

Campbell went on to say he filmed his own stunts including a fight scene, saying: “If it gets to the point where you need a stunt double then of course but I love doing all of that stuff.

“It felt like it had to be quite raw. It wasn’t necessarily this thing that needed to be choreographed too much. It was real good fun. The water wasn’t too bad. It could have been worse, but it was winter. It was a cold night.”

Who is in the cast of Grace season 3, episode 2?

Tony Robinson – Darryl Dale

Darryl Dale portrays Tony Robinson with the rising star previously featuring in Silent Witness, Jitterburg, Grantchester, Clique and he will next be appearing in the ITV series Malpractice.

Laura Caplan – Stephanie Hyam

Stephanie Hyam plays Laura Caplan after appearing in A Confession, Jekyll and Hyde, Four Lives, Doctor Who and Gentleman Jack.

Carly Chase – Ayesha Antoine

Ayesha Antoine takes on Carly Chase with her previous roles including Lloyd of the Flies, Endeavour, I Hate Suzie, Hobly City and In the Long Run.

PC Dan Paxton – Nathan Clarke

Nathan Clarke is going to be starring as PC Dan Paxton following on from projects including Tyrant, Magpie Murders and Alex Rider.

James Acott – Nick Harris

Nick Harris is James Acott with small parts in the likes of Brassic in Sky, White House Farm, Netflix’s The Pentaverate, Gentleman Jack and Traitors.

Nadiuska De Sancha – Carolina Valdés

Carolina Valdés stars as Nadiuska De Sancha after parts in Call the Midwife, Killing Eve and A Little Chaos.

Malcolm Charles – Leon Herbert

Leon Herbert is Malcolm Charles after appearing in I Killed Molly Monroe, Roslund & Hellström: Cell 8, Outlander and Silent Witness.

Evie Preece – Hebe Beardsall

Hebe Beardsall will be Evie Preece after roles in Unforgotten. The Witcher: Blood Origin, The Alienist, Andor and Lore.

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Pat Robinson – Mark Griffin

Mark Griffin takes on the part of Pat Robinson and counts credits in 1986, The Bromley Boys, Strike Back and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Fernanda Robinson – Sara Stewart

Sara Stewart is Fernanda Robinson after featuring in Empire of Light, Roslund & Hellström: Cell 8, La Fortuna, State of the Union and Queens of Mystery.

John Nash – James Corrigan

James Corrigan will play John Nash after appearing in This England, Strike, This Is Going to Hurt, Temple and Manhunt.

Other cast members include Ethan Smith as Ethan Chase, Frank Jakeman as Warren Tucker and Marko Curteanu as Bruno.

Grace airs on ITV1 and ITV tonight at 8pm

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