Gogglebox viewers baffled as show stars don’t know who iconic singer is

As another entertaining episode of Gogglebox got underway on Friday evening, all eyes were on the nation’s favourite armchair critics as they weighed in on the best TV from the past week.

Touching on everything from Strictly Come Dancing through to Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins, there were plenty of hot takes on the shows that have got the nation talking.

However, it was one episode of Blankety Blank that truly surprised viewers at home, when one contestant taking part in the gameshow claimed not to know any Scottish celebrities what so ever, prompting host Bradley Walsh to appear temporarily shell shocked by the revelation.

After some gentle coaxing, it was revealed that she did recognise Lewis Capaldi, who she wrote down on her card before the segment turned to the celebrity guests who had named their own Scottish celebrities, with pop legend Lulu being one of the most common suggestions.

Yet in a bizarre twist, some of the Gogglebox stars themselves couldn’t help but feel slightly puzzled by the suggestion, with some of the younger armchair critics revealing they didn’t realise who Lulu was at all!

“Lulu?! She’s Scottish?” Exclaimed Pete Sanditon, before his sister Sophie chimed in: “I thought she was American.”

“Who the Frig is Lulu?!” questioned Abbie Lynn.

Before Amira weighed in and added: “I need to find out who this Lulu is, because everyone’s voting for Lulu.”

Fans at home could hardly believe that so many people were unaware of who Lulu was, with the famous singer have being topping charts for well over 50 years!

In fact, Lulu was even once selected to perform the James Bond theme for The Man With The Golden Gun!

“I'm not that surprised no one on #gogglebox knew who #lulu is. Most of the people who appear on there are chavvy, imho. Sorry to anyone who loves it, but I don't get the point of the programme at all. And Lulu – we love you,” wrote one unimpressed fan.

A second viewer also shared the sentiment as they added: “Goodness me! No one knows who Lulu is!! Am I that old?!”

Before a third fan weighed in and added: “These uncultured swines not even knowing who Lulu is? Get in the f*****g bin.”

A fourth also appeared to agree as they also concluded: "I can't believe they don't know who Lulu is! I feel old even I know who she is and I'm 27."

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