GMB’s Hilary Jones branded Dr Doom as he calls for two month lockdown extension

Good Morning Britain fans were left far from impressed on Monday morning after ITV's resident medic Dr Hilary Jones called for an extension to lockdown.

The medical professional admitted he thinks the nation should be more patient when it comes to unlocking – adding foreign holidays are a luxury not a necessity.

Speaking to hosts Susanna Reid and Richard Madeley, Dr Hilary warned we could be in the middle of a third coronavirus wave.

Dr Hilary said of plans to unlock on June 21: "Why would we when we are in a third wave?

"We have got a new variant and cases are rising.

"It takes as long as it takes really. We have to get things under control.

"Think abut those in the NHS working so hard. Many are suffering from burn out and those with cancer and heart disease who cant get treatment."

Clearly uncompressed with the thought of months more in some form of lockdown, Richard hit back, asking how long Dr Hilary would have the nation with restrictions.

He replied: "Until we can get it under control.

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"It means living with it and vaccinating the whole population and continuing to have social distancing.

"I know it is a nuisance but holidays are a luxury.

"I understand jobs need to be protected to but safely. And lot of people are working from home.

"It is a big ask bit it is a pandemic. We have to take it seriously."

Looking stunned, Richard hit back: "But not now the vaccine has broken the link between cases and hospitals…"

"Yes it's been magnificent we still have a quarter of the population who have not had a jab.

"Of course if we could wait a few more months we would be in a better position."

Twitter was quickly a wash with fans hitting out at the comments.

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"Dr doom is on again," one viewer tweeted.

Another added: "Here we go Hilary aka Doc Doom on again Face with rolling eyes Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Obesity hasn't disappeared sadly, How many die from these seriously life threatening conditions, How many die from flu? #GMB"

A third chimed in: "@GMB sorry Dr Hilary I don’t agree, why should we have to live with restrictions any longer.

"We have done all that has been asked of us for the last 15 months yet the government are still letting in flights from India."

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