GMB viewers savage Nicola Sturgeon over Piers Morgan interview: ‘Ripping her to shreds’

Over the weekend there were calls for Dr Calderwood to step down after she travelled to her second home in Fife twice during the coronavirus lockdown. Nicola Sturgeon had defended the chief medical officer insisting she “made a mistake”. However Dr Calder has since quit her role and Piers Morgan grilled Sturgeon on Good Morning Britain about why she jumped to her defence.

Morgan was keen to find out why Sturgeon insisted Dr Calderwood should not step down.

Sturgeon tried to defend her action but viewers at home were far from impressed with the interview.

The First Minister of Scotland began: “I want to try and explain it.

“Everything I am doing, I am trying to priorities this virus.


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“I understand people’s anger, she couldn’t continue to be the face of the public campaign.

“I did hope I could continue to call on her advice and expertise.”

Morgan was unimpressed as he hit back: “Even when she resigned, you seemed keen to pay a glowing tribute to this woman who completely betrayed you and completely betrayed Scotland.”

He added of what the public may think: “Well if the Chief medical Officer can go off to her second home, then so can I. It’s incredibly dangerous.”

As the pair continued to clash, those watching at home took to Twitter to slam Sturgeon’s defence of Dr Calderwood.

“Well that was a hard interview to watch @piersmorgam @NicolaSturgeon @GMB #nicolasturgeon #piersmorgan #gmb #Covid_19 #interview,” one viewer wrote.

Another added: “Sturgeon wouldn’t have sacked her though would she? Therefore she’s just as culpable.”

“Sturgeon is getting ripped here how the hell can this self centred idiot continue as first minister she’s an embarrassment to the whole of Scotland,” a third continued.


Someone else shared: “Nicola Sturgeon on rockier ground than Ben Nevis on @GMB.

“This morning @piersmorgan and @susannareid100 are absolutely ripping her to shreds #GMB. She must be livid over her Chief Medical Officer.”

However, there were some who defended Sturgeon’s interview insisting she did well.

One viewer tweeted: “Well done @NicolaSturgeon for having the composure to refrain from calling @piersmorgan what he really is #gmb.”

More to follow…

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