GMB blunder as Edwina Currie’s husband interrupts chat in dressing gown

Good Morning Britain viewers were left speechless when Edwina Currie's husband interrupted the middle of her live video interview wearing just a dressing gown.

The 73-year-old former Conservative MP was being interviewed by GMB hosts Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard about her documentary, Pilgrimage: The Road to Istanbul, when her husband John appeared like a ghostly apparition on the stairs.

Talking about the upcoming TV show with Adrian Chiles, she says: “There were one or two moments when I said ‘I’m not doing that – I’m old I’m not doing that’.”

But then Kate, sounding shocked, interrupts and says: "I think a member of your household might be coming down the stairs, you might want to check that they are dressed?"

Edwina takes a moment to register the comment then bursts out laughing, while her husband stands in full view with his dressing gown gaping dangerously.

"Oh look there they are," asks Kate. "Who is that lurking behind you?"

Edwina says it is her husband John Jones and, moving her head a little to the side, adds: "I'm trying to kind of hide him."

Joking about John's former career in policing, Ben says: "I'm guessing he never had to go undercover because he's been pretty useless so far."

"I don't think he understands what Skype is all about," Edwina replies with a laugh.

Kate then asks: "Does he think he is invisible?"

John – looking as if he was in two minds of whether he should run or stay put – shouts across the living room: "Yes!"

Edwina Currie was previously ridiculed online after tweeting that a WWE video looked "faked" when the tongue-in-cheek clip of two wrestlers fighting in a supermarket went viral.

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