Game of Thrones’ Gemma Whelan reveals Killing Eve scripts left her ‘gasping’ as she makes season 3 debut – The Sun

ACTRESS Gemma Whelan gasped when she read the season three script for Killing Eve as the Game of Thrones star admits she's a huge fan of the drama.

Gemma is joining the hit spy thriller in the latest series and plays Geraldine, daughter of nonsense spy boss, Carolyn (Fiona Shaw).

Despite her mother's "coldness", Geraldine is into self-love and being open about emotions which is a thorn in Carolyn's side.

Gemma, 38, is under strict instruction to keep upcoming plot lines a secret, but revealed everyone on the show is excited about what's to come in an interview with

She said: "When I was at the read through, and we went through the first block of scripts, there was quite a lot of audible gasps in the room, when certain things happen, which was very exciting.

"For me, as a fan of the show as well, just to learn how things develop, because obviously, when you reach the end of the last series, you’re like 'how are they going to carry on?!'."

The mum-of-one added: "Then of course they find this very clever and brilliant way to, build and build. I won’t say make it better and better, because it was already brilliant."

Actress Fiona Shaw described the relationship between Carolyn and Geraldine as "disastrous", which Gemma attributes to her character's lack of direction.

Gemma who played Yara Greyjoy on Game of Thrones explained: "Geraldine’s sort of never really found her niche in life – she’s never really found her proper directional calling.

"She’s a bit directionless, and she’s very easy with her emotions, so that’s obviously quite interesting, is Carolyn who’s incredibly focused and driven and cold.

Gemma added: "Obviously that, against Carolyn’s sort of coldness and her deep sort of…. she’s found her calling and her profession. It’s interesting to see how the two of them learn to live together again."

It is not known what role Geraldine will play in Carolyn's life moving forward, but the two will likely rekindle their relationship after the horrific murder of her son Kenny in the first episode of the third series.

Fan favourite Kenny was thrown to his death from the top of a building by an unknown assailant, leaving many fans in shock.

Aside from the incredible scripts on Killing Eve, Gemma could not believe her luck at having the chance to work with Fiona.

She gushed: "When the casting breakdown came through for that, I was just so excited at the prospect that they would think that I was even castable to play against Fiona Shaw.

"I’ve just been a huge fan of her since Three Men and A Little Lady, you know I just think she’s so funny and so clever and so brilliant at what she does.

"So I was very, very pleased to win the role, and work with her."

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