Fur Babies star reveals gruesome moment he was 'shoulder deep' inside a cow with BOTH arms ahead of new Channel 4 show | The Sun

THE star of Channel 4's brand new veterinary series has recalled the moment he shoved both his hands inside a cow in a grim tale.

Dr Bolu Eso is set to take on the Supervet – aka Noel Fitzpatrick – when his new series launches this week.

It will see the vet and his peer Dr James Greenwood as the pair bring life into the world – and all on camera.

Fur Babies, which launches this Thursday at 8pm, will follow both vets in their day-to-day work.

The Channel 4 series will focus on pregnancy and birth of Britain's beloved pets, including baby chicks.

But before Bolu landed his current role he had a very close encounter with a cow during an internship in India.

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He explained: "I was working for a farm vet and one of the things I always wanted to do at the time was to palpate a cow.

"When you palpate a cow basically you put your hand all the way into a cow's rectum essentially.

"It's supposed to be exit-only but anyway we go in there to find out what's going on with the pregnancy.

"That was the first time I ever did it and the vet was like 'do you want to go in and have a feel?'"

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Bolu then gloved and lubed up before getting to work but wasn't sure what he was supposed to be looking for.

At that point his mentor helped him out and both men were 'shoulder deep' inside the animal.

"He kind of just joined me with his hand as well," said the doc, before adding: "Both our hands were inside this poor cow but she seemed pretty fine with it to be fair."

He concluded: "I don't think our hands made a dent but we were able to feel her uterus and take her temperature and also determine what stage of pregnancy she was at."

Fur Babies launches on Thursday at 8pm on Channel 4 and is available to stream now on 4Extra.

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