'Family Karma': The Key West Trip Goes From Bad to Worse for Anisha Ramakrishna

The Family Karma Key West trip goes from uncomfortable to downright tense for Anisha Ramakrishna as she tries to navigate through the awkwardness with Vishal Parvani.

The friends decided to take a group trip to Key West, Florida and party. While Bali Chainani worries about the overall wild vibe of Key West, Ramakrishna is more concerned about being stuck on a germy party bus with friends she is having tension with too.

“This Key West trip is my worst nightmare,” Ramakrishna says in a confessional. “I’m petrified of germs, plus I’m mad at half of the people on this trip and I’m going to be on a bus with them? The bus is karma.” Ramakrishna is overheard saying she needs a Xanax.

Anisha and Vishal try to talk it out

Previews show that Parvani and Ramakrishna try to resolve their dispute in Key West. Drama occurred at a recent gala with Parvani’s future mother in law. Ramakrishna, who is close to Parvani wanted to know what happened and called him to find out. Parvani didn’t want to talk about it so he apparently ghosted Ramakrishna.

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Although the radio silence annoyed Ramakrishna, she became extremely heated when she found out what happened when Chainani tried to discuss the matter with Parvani at dinner. Chainani told Ramakrishna that Parvani downplayed their friendship. Plus Amrit Kapai then wondered if Ramakrishna was annoyed because she has a crush on Parvani. That remark infuriated her even more. They try to resolve the tension before the Key West trip but it was still present.

“I wasn’t lying,” Parvani says to Ramakrishna in a private conversation in Key West. “I didn’t say we weren’t close friends.” But Ramakrishna does not think Chainani lied to her. He tries to explain himself but Ramakrishna cuts him off. “Are you still trying to be an actor? Because you need a refresher course.”

The conversation goes in circles

“I am disappointed in Vishal,” Ramakrishna says in a confessional. Adding, “I am hurt. I never fought with Vishal, ever. And we’ve been friends since we were kids.” But then Parvani says something that may have added fuel to the fire.

“Honestly I think we’ve both been stupid,” he says. “We shouldn’t let these petty issues come between …” She cuts him off saying she hasn’t been stupid and that he stopped calling her for two weeks. He insists she should know as a friend he needed some hang time before he would want to talk about the gala.

Ramakrishna insists that when she called him, he “berated” her, saying she was “harassing” him when he was trying to make million-dollar deals. At this point, Kapai, who is eating with the rest of the friends on the couch, steps in. But Parvani says to him, “Mind giving us a second?” Ramakrishna laughs, “Look, I wanna move forward, I don’t want you to be the lawyer. You can’t get involved, you’re in the middle.”

Parvani insists they are good friends. “And you were rude to me,” she responds. He still doesn’t see it, which prompts her to shoot back, “I’m the crazy one. I didn’t hear from you …” He continues to talk too, saying he was in meetings when she called.

Do the friends ever work it out? Tune in to Family Karma on Sunday at 9/8c on Bravo.

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