Emmerdale spoilers: Jamie Tate leaves wife Andrea for Belle Dingle after resuming their affair

JAMIE Tate tells Belle Dingle he’s going to leave Andrea for her as they resume their affair.

The devoted father is currently locked in a custody battle with Andrea over their daughter Millie and is worried she’ll want sole custody if she discovers his cheating ways.

Emmerdale viewers have been calling a romance between Jamie and Belle for quite some time on the show. 

The pair succumbed to the chemistry between them on the night of Graham Foster’s murder, but kept their dalliance a secret. 

Jamie has been keeping Andrea sweet after she threatened to get sole custody of their daughter Millie and has even moved back in with her. 

Much to Andrea’s delight, Jamie also disowned his mother Kim Tate for her treatment of Andrea and Belle. 

But viewers recently discovered that Jamie is lying to Andrea and cheating on her with Belle behind her back. 

Jamie recently told Belle that he’s only with Andrea out of guilt, and to keep custody of his daughter, and the pair shared a passionate kiss in the car. 

Viewers were horrified when he then returned home and got it on with Andrea, only hours after kissing Belle. 

In next week’s episodes of the ITV soap, Jamie leaves Belle speechless when he declares that he loves her. 

Belle is initially apprehensive when he adds that he’s going to leave Andrea for her.

But when he talks her round she jumps into his arms and they share a kiss.

But is Jamie being serious or just telling Belle what she wants to hear?

And if he does mean what he says, how are they going to tell Andrea?

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