Emmerdale newcomer Suzy to help Meena escape prison as fans twig connection

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Emmerdale newcomer Suzy could have a vital connection to serial killer Meena, after the villain was sentenced to 75 years behind bars.

Some even think she could help the killer escape from prison after discovering one vital connection.

This week, Suzy has been growing closer to Vanessa Woodfield – and was left put out on Wednesday (April 20) when she accidentally stood her up on a date.

Vanessa was having issues at home that meant she wouldn't be able to make it on time, but thankfully Suzy was understanding and agreed to rearrange.

It has also been confirmed in spoilers that Suzy is linked to Leyla Cavanagh – with the latter desperate to hide their secret link.

But could she also be something to do with Meena? Meena did shoot Leyla on the bridge at Billy and Dawn's wedding, along with murdering her stepdaughter Leanna – which means Leyla was desperate to see her sent down.

So could Suzy be out for revenge if she really is Meena's friend?

One fan certainly seemed to think so, as they proposed on Twitter: "Know this is a bit out there but convinced Suzy is connected to Meena and could be helping with her escape, Leyla could be trying to stop her?? #Emmerdale."

The same fan went on: "It kinda makes sense if she’s Meena’s pal and blames people in the village for taking her down."

Another even suggested Suzy could be Meena's first victim Nadine in disguise, come for revenge after the killer 'failed' to murder her properly.

"I think she is Meena's friend who is supposed to have died first!" someone echoed on Facebook – though someone else was quick to shoot them down, responding: "Nadine?! She's dead!"

More still think Suzy could simply be a serial killer in her own right, with one guessing: "…Not another serial killer?"

While another penned: “Not keen on new Suzy, could be trouble.”

Fans are certain Meena will find some way to escape from prison in time for the soap's 50th anniversary this October – and took to Facebook to share their thoughts.

One posted: "So Meena is now in jail whooo! But isn't something is gonna happen in a few months because she's supposed to be back in October, and that prison guard has more story that was too weird!"

"She's there until October. She will probably escape," someone else pointed out.

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7:30pm on ITV.

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