Emmerdale fans distracted by blunders in Meena's trial – but did you spot them?

EMMERDALE residents were in court again during last night's trip to the Dales as Meena Jutla's trial continued.

But viewers of the ITV soap were quick to point out a string of blunders on social media.

Manpreet Sharma (played by Rebecca Sarker) took the stand last night, ready to testify against her sister Meena (Paige Sandhu).

The village GP told the court how the serial killer kept her hostage and fed her a cocktail of drugs during her captivity, before confessing all of her crimes.

Meanwhile, Meena was taunting her older sister, determined to destroy her publicly – which led to viewers questioning why Manpreet was even present at the trial.

Many soap fans turned to Twitter to express their scepticism.

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"Manpreet is so traumatised, why is she being asked to give evidence in the courtroom where her torturer is and not by video link?", one viewer wrote.

They added: "Also where is Vinny he would be much better placed to give evidence than Manpreet!"

Another chimed in: "Emmerdale, funny the judge wasn't as concerned about 1 of the victims as he was about the accused. FFS come on ED bosses do at least a bit of it the right way."

A third commented by recalling how Meena publicly taunted her sister: "Meena openly mocking the witness right there in court, and NOBODY. Not the judge, the lawyers, or the jury, noticed. It's like the writers gave her super powers to only be seen by those she wants to see."

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Meanwhile, a fourth fan noticed another blunder as a member of the jury reacted to Manpreet's story with hostility, while Meena's barrister branded her a liar.

"Member of jury shakes head in disgust. There is no way on God’s earth that the jury would react in any way to a witness or what they’re saying. They’re there to listen not judge", the viewer fumed.

Another viewer furiously penned: "I can’t believe any self-respecting judge would have allowed this line of questioning!"

Yet more fans were distracted by the judge using a gavel – which doesn't happen in UK courts.

"Oh, Emmerdale, British judges do NOT use gavels, and they never say 'Order'", one wrote.

Another jumped in: "I looked up and saw a judge bang a gavel and demand order in the court. Has anyone told your writers judges in England and Wales don’t have gavels. How can you make such an obvious mistake?"

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Will there be more mistakes as day three of Meena's trial begins tonight?

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