EastEnders’ Lorraine Stanley reveals boozy cast night out in throwback video from before lockdown – The Sun

EASTENDERS star Lorraine Stanley has given fans an insight into what happens on a cast night out by sharing an amazing throwback video.

The actress – who plays Karen Taylor on the BBC soap – reminded everyone of happier times with the clip, which shows her singing and dancing with her co-stars.

The video, which appears to have been taken at Christmas time, features cast past and present, including Tilly Keeper, Toby-Alexander Smith, Danny Walters, Clair Norris and Zack Morris.

Everyone looks in very high spirits as they belt out ‘I love you baby’ around a table.

At one point, Danny – who plays Lorraine’s onscreen son Keanu – is seen pretending to take off his shirt as things get lively.

Posting the clips, Lorraine reminded her followers that EastEnders was once again on last night.

The soap is currently airing just two nights a week on Monday and Tuesday, halving its regular run with Thursday and Friday showings removed from the telly schedule.

Filming is now halted due to the pandemic and bosses are trying to make the episodes last as long as possible.

Lorraine’s character Karen is currently gearing up to leave the square after she was offered a life-changing amount of money from Ian Beale on the condition that she relocated with baby Kayden.

EastEnders fans have watched Ian wrestle with his guilty conscience after killing Sharon's son Denny during the boat disaster.

After Sharon made a drastic decision last month and handed her newborn baby over to Karen, Ian offered her a huge sum of money to relocate with the baby away from Walford – thinking it would help Sharon to move on.

Ian’s offer left the Taylor’s baffled and at odds over what to do next, with Keegan angrily quizzing Ian over his motives for the suspicious proposition.

But Ian managed to worm his way out of the situation, and insisted he was only helping out a dear friend.

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