EastEnders fans heartbroken as Bailey Baker has holes in her school shoes and eats a spoonful of beans for dinner

EASTENDERS fans have been left heartbroken after Bailey Baker was seen with destroyed shoes and barely any food to eat as the Taylors' money problems worsened.

The school girl was forced to go to school in shoes with holes in them before being served a slice of toast with a spoonful of beans for her dinner.

And she noticed there was no food for her stepmum Karen, too.

Seeing the lack of food in the house and the state of Bailey's school shoes, Bernie decided to go ahead with being Rainie and Stuart's surrogate.

But when she told them, they turned her down – insisting she was too young.

Bernie had an answer for them, though, and said: "I know what's best for me. I'm not a kid, I'm a woman and this is my body and it's my choice, nobody else's. 

"Yeah my mum is a great mum and she'll go mad but it don't matter. I know what I'm capable of. 

"You're good people and so am I. We need the money and you need a baby so why can't we help each other out here? 

"I'm a hundred per cent sure and I'll sign whatever you put in front of me to prove that so I suppose the question is – are you?"

An emotional Rainie begged Bernie to promise her that she wouldn't change her mind and break her heart.

And once she did – they had a deal with Bernie sacrificing so her family will be able to clear their debts and afford to eat.

But with Bailey suffering – fans were feeling emotional at the scenes.

One wrote: "Can someone please look after Bailey properly?! The poor girl deserves the world.. and more than beans on toast!"

Posting sad face emojis, another added: "Bailey knows what is going on. I love that she wants to help as well, it's lovely."

Another added: "I wonder if poor Bailey will ever smile again."

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