Coronation Street: Yasmeen Nazir’s exit revealed as her plan to leave Geoff backfires

CORONATION Street’s Yasmeen Nazir is going to be charged with attempted murder after she makes an attempt to leave her abusive husband Geoff.

The chef – who is played by actress Shelley King on the ITV soap – has been controlled and isolated by Geoff for several months now. But will her attempted murder charge lead to Yasmeen’s exit?

Is Yasmeen leaving Coronation Street?

It’s the news fans have been hoping for – Yasmeen finally sums up the courage to leave her abuser. 

But The Sun Online has revealed that her plan backfires tragically when she ends up getting charged with attempted murder. 

Corrie bosses are yet to confirm whether justice prevails and she's released or whether she’s locked up behind bars for good.

If the character is jailed, it could be the last viewers see of poor Yasmeen. 

But with plot details being kept firmly under wraps, only time will tell and fans will have to tune in to discover Yasmeen’s fate. 

Does Yasmeen kill Geoff in Corrie?

It has been revealed that Yasmeen is going to be charged with attempted murder. 

So no, her attempts to kill him obviously aren’t successful. 

Any who’s to say that it won't turn out that Geoff has staged the whole thing to get one over on Yasmeen and cover his tracks. 

But fans will have to tune in to find out details about the attempted murder charge, as Corrie are keeping tight-lipped about the storyline.

What's Geoff's latest move in the coercive control storyline in Corrie?

Corrie fans will be well aware that Yasmeen’s granddaughter Alya has been sniffing around Geoff after noticing something dodgy about his behaviour.

This week Alya tried to get Yasmeen to attend her grandson Ryan’s wedding in Spain alone, insisting that Geoff wasn’t invited to the event.

But Geoff’s latest stunt saw him invite himself anyway and book a hotel for both him and Yasmeen in an effort to keep her in his evil clutches. 

Official spoilers have revealed that Geoff takes things a step further and fakes a heart attack in upcoming scenes, forcing Yasmeen to cancel their trip to Spain altogether. 

Earlier this month, viewers were left aghast when Geoff's abuse came to a gruesome head in the form of Yasmeen’s beloved pet Charlotte the chicken.

The brute cooked Charlotte before feeding her to Yasmeen and sneering as she unknowingly swallowed the bird. 

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