Coronation Street spoilers: Will Geoff lock Yasmeen in the box again?

When Yasmeen Nazir (played by Shelley King) first met Geoff Metcalfe (Ian Bartholomew) at the hospital radio station in Coronation Street, fans were delighted to see there was romance on the cards again for her after first husband Sharif (Marc Anwar) was discovered to be having a long-term affair and abandoned her when things got tough. However, as their relationship continued, cracks began to show as the magician and radio presenter began to reveal his nasty side. But the situation could soon be getting even worse for poor Yasmeen.

Warning: This article contains spoilers from Coronation Street.

Geoff has shown his true colours over the past few months, shocking fans with his vile and manipulative behaviour towards new wife Yasmeen.
From taking control of her own money, to filming Yasmeen crying as he hurled abuse at her and making her eat her own precious chicken Charlotte after snapping her neck, the domestic abuse storyline has got Coronation Street fans enraged.
But many viewers got even more worried for Yasmeen following Friday’s (April 3) episode.


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In the last instalment of the ITV soap, Yasmeen found out Geoff’s laptop password and discovered he had never booked a hotel for her grandson’s wedding in Spain.
As well as this, she saw countless emails from an escort he had been seeing on the quiet.
Panic set in though as Geoff was standing behind her when she was snooping through his emails and started to raging about how she didn’t trust him and he would now have to change his password.
Despite initially apologising for breaking into his computer, Yasmeen decided she would go to the wedding by herself and packed a bag.
However, when she was about to head out the door, Geoff stopped her and said she wasn’t going anywhere, leaving the soap on a cliffhanger.

Is Geoff going to lock Yasmeen in the box again in Coronation Street?

Last month, Geoff was employed to be a magician for Tianna Vickers’ (Navaeh Maloney) birthday at the Bistro.
Reluctantly, Yasmeen agreed to be his glamorous assistant and help him with his “disappearing lady” trick.
But the act didn’t exactly go according to plan as Yasmeen’s outfit got stuck while she was inside the box and Geoff struggled to get her out, leaving the audience laughing and calling out “Jiggle it Geoff”.
Soon after, a video of their failed performance went viral, leaving Geoff feeling humiliated.
As the married couple took their bows following the performance, he cruelly whispered in her ear that she was a “clumsy oafish b***h”.

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The next day, Geoff wanted to practice the act again and even though she suffers from claustrophobia, Yasmeen agreed once more.
But this time, when she got into the box, Geoff locked the box and left her alone for hours as he went to the pub.
He turned the radio up in the house so no one could hear her calls for help.
Thankfully, Geoff’s son Tim (Joe Duttine) visited the house and got Yasmeen out, believing it was just a mistake.
She was on the brink of leaving him but after shedding a few tears, she said she wasn’t going to.


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Following Friday’s episode, it looks like Geoff is going to try and hold Yasmeen hostage in her own home to prevent her from going to the wedding.
So could he once again bring out the magic box to ensure she doesn’t escape?
Alya Nazir (Sair Khan) has been trying to persuade Yasmeen to go to Spain for Zeedan’s (Qasim Akhtar) wedding but when Geoff faked a heart attack, her grandmother reluctantly said she would miss it as he wasn’t able to fly.
But will Alya discover what’s really going on behind closed doors before it’s too late and she heads off to Spain?
Coronation Street continues tonight Monday, April 6, at 7.30pm on ITV.

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