Channel 4 launches new show to rival Bargain Hunt – and it could make you THOUSANDS at car boot sales | The Sun

CHANNEL 4 has announced the launch of a new money-saving show to rival Bargain Hunt. 

Britain's love of bargains and the need to make the extra pound during the economic downfall has fuelled the new documentary titled Car Boot Kings.

Channel 4's Car Boot Kings follows two lifelong friends, JT and Andrew, who are dubbed the 'Car Boot Kings' because of their love for making thousands of pounds a week by running the biggest boot in the wild West Midlands in their front yard.

The duo are cashing in on the current economic crisis by regularly drawing in nine thousand traders and buyers weekly. 

Similar to BBC's Bargain Hunt, where the hosts help guests search for the best bargain items to resell, the Car Boot Kings also follow the same tactic that offers more than just a pound in your pocket, but a lifeline. 

While the rest of the UK sleeps, thousands of people flock to their fields for the best bargains while trying to flip some of their preloved possessions or find treasure they can sell on at a profit.

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Many car boot regulars rely on the extra income to help with their day-to-day needs, so they attend these massive markets that spring up in a few hours, where you can find almost anything.

For the two hardworking Kings, heavy is the head that wears the crown, as they never stop thinking of ways to keep punters who are tightening their belts happy.

The summer season is usually the best time for car booters to sell their items as the weather is nice and hot, and people are out and about, but for the two Bargain kings trying to make a decent profit for themselves, it is a constant challenge.

Shooting Producer and Director of Car Boot Kings, Cam Bang Peter Tat, has tried for many years to get his documentaries on TV but found it very difficult to find a broadcaster to commission his work until Channel 4 came along and gave him his chance to shine.

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He explained: "Having worked in the TV industry for years, I've found it very difficult to get the opportunity to produce my own one-hour documentary, so getting a First Cut with Yeti was perfect…

"To secure the role, myself and two other filmmakers had to write a two-page treatment for the commissioner, outlining our approach to transforming the pitch document into a compelling documentary."

When asked about the upcoming bargain show, Siân Price, Creative Director of Yeti, stated: "As a seasoned car-booter myself, I'm delighted to be bringing the wonderful characters and stories bound up in this world to the screen. 

JT & Andrew really are one of a kind! We're also thrilled to be able to support up-and-coming director Cam Bang Peter Tat in his first single documentary for Channel 4 as part of the First Cut scheme!"

Car Boot Kings is a 60-minute documentary created under Channel 4's First Cut banner for new directors making their first-hour documentary on broadcast TV.

Commissioning Editor for Channel 4, Janine Thomas, who oversees new talent and documentary makers, added: "Cam and Yeti have delivered a charming and curious film. 

Car Boot Kings continues First Cut's character-driven filmmaking custom as it examines our current cost of living crisis through an unlikely yet entertaining treasure trove of an extraordinary car boot."

Car Boot Kings is scheduled to air on Channel 4 in October.

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