Casualty fans go wild for Holby City character crossover as Fletch turns up

Casualty fans were overjoyed when a Holby City character made a guest appearance on Saturday night's show.

In the previous episode, fan-favourite Charlie Fairhead lost his wife and hasn't been dealing well with the sudden death of his beloved other half.

And on the latest instalment, nurse Jacob Masters (played by Charles Venn) was concerned about Charlie treating patients during his fragile state, and informed Director of Nursing Adrian 'Fletch' Fletcher (Holby City’s Alex Walkinshaw).

After hearing Jacob's request 'Fletch' soon paid the ED a visit – much to the delight of the show's fans.

Upon seeing Fletch appear in the beloved BBC hospital programme, fans soon expressed their happiness on social media.

One exclaimed: "Hooray! Casualty is back and Fletch is making a guest appearance."

"Oh my goodness, Fletch is back," another chipped in.

While a third wrote: "Fletch and Charlie are icons."

During the episode, Charlie ended up in hot water as he failed to tell the medical staff about a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) on an elderly dementia patient Cynthia, who has an underlying heart condition.

After breaching protocol, Fletch took Charlie to one side to discuss how he’s coping, but Charlie felt like people were criticising him and he soon lost his temper.

He demanded Fletch to tell him who has complained about his previous misdemeanour – and started shouting and becoming increasingly angry.

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Charlie's hot-headed attitude towards Fletch doesn't go down well with viewers at home.

One wrote: "Charlie mate don’t be a t**t to Fletch."

"Woah Charlie don't talk to Fletch like that thank you," a second put.

Casualty continues on BBC One at 20:20 on Saturday night.

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