Carol McGiffin fumes dont want to see a bloke in a skirt in non-binary debate

Carol McGiffin says Phillip Schofield is 'so rude'

Carol McGiffin has sparked backlash after she expressed she didn’t want to see “a bloke wearing a skirt” after the announcement airlines were creating non-binary uniforms.

British Airways’ non-binary and gender-fluid staff recently won the right to wear women’s uniforms, with the regulation they must wear trousers on routes to the Middle East and Africa to avoid offending culturally sensitive passengers.

However, Carol had some strong opinions following the airline’s choice and told GB News presenters Eamonn Holmes and Isabel Webster.

She said: “Personally, I want to see someone walking up and down the aircraft who is professional.

“A woman wearing, I am not saying that she has to wear a skirt, but I don’t want to see a bloke walking up and down wearing a skirt, I don’t know why I just don’t.

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“I want to see air stewards and stewardesses looking very professional,” leaving Eamonn to comment: “To be able to get you down that slide, that chute if anything happens to the plane.”

Carol continued her rant: “These are the people that you rely on when you are flying and I fly a lot so for me I don’t, it is not a good idea.

“It hasn’t gone down well with the crew either, obviously, it has gone down well with the non-binary side of the crew.

“People are saying that what they should have done is designed a uniform for the men, a uniform for the women, and a uniform for the non-binary people who want to be whatever they want, but where does it end? Where does it end? How many uniforms do you need?”

Carol came under fire from GB News viewers with many expressing their thoughts on X, formerly known as Twitter.

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@brennelg commented: “Oh Carol… put all that hateful energy into something more productive.”

@beesley_cathy added: “This is a parody, right? Someone didn’t suggest that a man wearing a skirt would be less able to help passengers than a woman wearing a skirt?”

@Mutley150199 asked: “What if it was a kilt?”

@Lancelot6663 fumed: “She has literally just shamed the whole of Scotland. Imagine looking like her and being concerned about other people’s appearance.”

@ScottCaladon noted: “She should stick to Loose Women, it was embarrassing.” (sic)

However, some viewers were in agreement with Carol as @PainterKev561 said: “I couldn’t even tell you what non-binary means – she has a point.”

@PaulShelby1973 penned: “Nor do I hun well said.” (sic)

British Airways’ decisions have come under fire by their female staff too, as many claimed the first update in 20 years is deliberately “androgynous”.

A source told The Sun: “This is an attack on women to satisfy BA’s woke credentials when all they needed to do was produce a dedicated uniform for non-binary and gender fluid crew.

“The whole thing is a mess. Women are not happy.”

Breakfast with Isabel and Eamonn airs weekdays from 6am on GB News.

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