Can you name all of the films and TV shows in our emoji quiz?

Since the lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, needless to say that we’ve all been that little bit more reliant on technology than usual to stay in touch with friends and family – and to stay sane! As such, there have been plenty of quizzes, riddles and puzzles being shared – so we thought we would deliver a TV and film special of our very own! Scroll to the bottom of the page for the full list of answers, share to link to play against your pals, and good luck!

Round one: The Disney emoji quiz 

Think you know your princess emojis? Have a good look at our Disney emoji quiz, but be warned! You might have to take your time thinking some of them through, it might be trickier than you realised! 

Round two: The musical films emoji quiz 

Do you love to sing show tunes in the shower, or would you rather settle in with a Fast and Furious film any day? This round could be seriously easy or incredibly difficult. If you’re struggling, hang on until round three. The sun will come out tomorrow… 

Round three: Popular TV shows emoji quiz

With this lockdown keeping the world indoors, we’re expecting that you’ve gotten one or two new TV shows under your belt in the last couple of weeks! From Netflix iconic shows to one or two brilliant British series, play on…

Round four: Best Picture Oscar nominees 2020 emoji quiz

Did you get around to watching all of the films nominated for Best Picture this year? This so, this will be a walk in the park! If not, it might be more like a run through No Man’s Land… not that we’re giving you any clues at alll…

Answers. Round one: 1. Little Mermaid 2. Frozen 3. Lion King 4. Hercules 5. Cinderella 6. Princess and the Frog 7. 101 Dalmatians 8. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves 9. Bambi 10. Emperor’s New Groove. Round two: 1. Phantom of the Opera 2. Matilda 3. School of Rock 4. Sweeney Todd 5. Cats 6. Singing in the Rain 7. Fiddler on the Roof 8. Waitress 9. The Sound of Music 10. Bye Bye Birdie. Round three: 1. Stranger Things 2. Breaking Bad 3. Brooklyn 99 4. Doctor Who 5. Tiger King 6. Fleabag 7. Umbrella Academy 8. You 9. Westworld 10. Russian Doll Round four: 1. The Irishmen 2. Little Women 3. Parasite 4. Joker 5. 1917 6. Marriage Story 7. Ford vs Ferrari 8. Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood 9. Jojo Rabbit.

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