Blue Bloods continuity error as fans spot missing Nicki wounds in key scene

Tom Selleck discusses starring in Blue Bloods

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CBS’ long-running procedural drama Blue Bloods has remained a fan favourite since it first premiered on screens in 2010. With the show’s 12th season drawing closer to its finale, fans recalled a continuity error from season six.

Blue Bloods followed the lives of each member of the Reagan family, exploring all things personal and professional.

Led by patriarch Frank Reagan (played by Tom Selleck), the NYC Police Commissioner prided himself on the fact his children followed in his footsteps and worked in law enforcement.

However, this didn’t come without its dangers as those whose role it is to protect and serve can often become targets, as well as their families.

This was the case for Nicki Reagan (Sami Gayle) in the season six episode titled ‘Down the Rabbit Hole.’

Wanted serial killer Thomas Wilder (Louis Cancelmi) had come out of hiding with the goal of murdering more women to continue to taunt the detective Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg).

It was soon revealed, Wilder had killed 22 victims and an additional nine bodies were discovered and linked to him.

As the murderer’s moves became unpredictable, the police struggled to figure out his next move and as a result, Wilder decided to target the Reagan family.

Even though Danny was advised to use Wilder’s obsession to finally get to him, it was too late as he had kidnapped Nicki.

When Danny remembered his MO was women between the ages of eighteen and 22, the detective remembered he had a 19-year-old niece.

However, by the time he tried to check in, Nicki was taken by Wilder who had dressed up as a police officer.

She only realised she was in danger when she was gagged and put into the back of his truck.

This was the episode where viewers spotted a continuity error and exposed it on

They wrote: ”At the end of the episode, a screenshot of Nicki occurs. A day or so earlier, she had been kidnapped and pistol-whipped across the face.

“But this screenshot shows no bruises or swelling or anything, despite being hit so hard she fell over in a chair just a day or so before.”

This was a major error as swelling and bruising from a violent attack would realistically take weeks to completely heal.

Thankfully, Danny was able to track down his niece when he discovered he could find her whereabouts by tracking her phone.

Thinking the detective would chase after him, Wilder left Nicki in the car and ran into the deserted field.

However, Danny wasn’t willing to let him get away any longer and used his service weapon to shoot the murderer.

As the series has been on screen for 12 years it’s likely there will be a number of other blunders gone unnoticed by showrunners, who could be more focused on the stellar storylines.

Blue Bloods is available on NBC. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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