BBC Breakfasts Louise Minchin in tears over Princess Diana Award-winning guest

Louise Minchin needed to take a break after an emotional chat with Megan Abernethy-Hope, a Diana Award-winner.

The BBC Breakfast presenter, 52, admitted to feeling emotional after Megan spoke about her appreciation for the support of her brother's work.

Megan's brother, Billy Abernethy-Hope, died in a motorbike crash in 2018.

Billy's family have been carrying on his legacy after he pledged his time to help rough sleepers.

Before his unexpected death, Billy came up with the idea to exchange a token for hot food and shelter for those sleeping on the streets.

Megan has won the Diana Award for her commitment to making her brother's idea a reality.

The award winner also teared up in her interview with Dan and Louise.

Megan spoke about her appreciation for the support she had received from the public.

She said, "It really makes what I'm doing worthwhile, and to be able to help so many people is mind-blowing."

The emotional interview led to Dan having to ask Louise if she was "alright".

After pausing during her dialogue, Louise appeared choked up with emotion.

She replied to Dan saying, "This programme, sometimes you need to take a break, a breath. It catches you."

The broadcaster, who usually remains calm and collected, appeared to have a strong connection with Megan.

Louise was very inspired by the young woman saying, "I am not surprised you’ve won this award."

She added, "You are clearly driven and inspirational, good on you."

Dan was also impressed with the young woman as he insisted on reading some of the messages from viewers before the interview ended.

One of the messages said, "Billy’s sister is absolutely magnificent, this is a brilliant scheme."

The number of messages showed the success of Megan's story.

When Dan said that "loads" of messages had come flooding in, Louise replied, "Already?"

Megan described the experience as "very humbling".

Louise apologised for making Megan cry but ended the interview by saying she's a "Brilliant young lady." She also said her work is "Fantastic."

Dan called Megan a "superstar" before praising Louise for showing her emotional side.

Louise recently announced she will be leaving BBC Breakfast after 20 years on the show.

BBC Breakfast airs daily at 6am on BBC One.

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