Antiques Road Trip experts stunned by silver trinkets profit

Antiques Road Trip: Expert makes £350 profit on trinket box

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Raj was joined by fellow antiques expert Irita Marriott to battle it out in the auction room on Antiques Road Trip. But, a huge profit gave them both a shock and gave Raj an easy victory on Tuesday’s show.

Raj invested £70 in a silver art deco trinket box and the professional bargain hunter could not have imagined the profit he would make at auction.

The box featured striking red and black stripes on top of the piece and its strong design had bidders purring.

Both the experts eagerly waited for the result of the auction while sitting on a park bench.

Irita urged the auctioneer to commence bidding at £100 and yelped “go on” when he did, but there was much more to come.

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The bidding soon raced into £200 and Irita, despite competing against Raj, shared his excitement.

She excitedly described the bid as “jumping” as the bids continue to accelerate.

Clearly a fan of the piece, Irita shared: “I love this. I love the colours, the shape, everything about it.”

As the bidding continued to progress, the pair were visibly shocked.

Raj joked he could “feel a tear coming down my eye” as Irita continued to be shell shocked.

They both got even more animated and Irita asked: “What on earth is going on?”

With cries of “oh my God” and Raj punching the air, the bidding reached an incredible £420.

That resulted in a £350 profit for Raj, which Irita also celebrated with him.

At the close of the auction Raj bellowed: “Woah – woah, fantastic, what a return?!”

Irita replied: “I am gobsmacked at that. Well done.”

This huge profit meant Raj was victorious on Tuesday’s episode of the BBC show.

The art deco piece proved to be pivotal on the show where teams have £200 to make as much profit as possible.

Irita may not have been successful in that episode of Antiques Road Trip, but the BBC star has become a fan-favourite on the show.

She joined the cast of the BBC show last year and her stock has continued to grow.

She began her antiques career in Derbyshire but now runs her own business called Irita Marriott Antiques in Bristol.

On her career Irita stated: “I would consider myself as a new generation dealer and am proud to have customers worldwide.”

Antiques Road Trip is available to stream on BBC iPlayer now.

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