11 Hand-Washing and Hygiene Videos To Show Your Kids During the Coronavirus Outbreak

It’s always important for kids to know about proper hygiene and hand-washing techniques. But, as the COVID-19 pandemic spreads across the globe, it’s more crucial than ever for children to understand how to keep themselves and others safe, clean, and protected.

These YouTube videos, from animated songs to in-depth step-by-step tutorials, will help your kids develop a better understanding of why we need to wash our hands and how to do it most effectively. Good hygiene habits are especially important during the coronavirus outbreak, but they’ll serve your little ones long after we’re done with self-isolation.

‘Wash My Hands Song,’ Busy Beavers

This cute little song helps younger kids know when they should wash their hands, especially during the coronavirus outbreak: before and after meals, after playing outside or with toys, before and after using the bathroom, etc. It’s best for toddlers and preschoolers.

‘Cover Your Mouth When You Cough,’ PlayKids

Every parent knows what a struggle it is to get some kids to cover their mouth with their elbow when they cough. But with a contagious virus making the rounds, it’s more important than ever. This song offers a gentle, catchy reminder.

‘Wash Your Hands,’ ‘StoryBots’ On Netflix

This tongue-in-cheek song from Netflix’s StoryBots is a sarcastic and silly (but informative) take on hand-washing for kids of all ages. (And it’s so catchy that it’ll probably stick in your head, too.)

‘How Germs Spread,’ Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Ideal for slightly older kids, this video explainer gives a more in-depth look at the science of germs from the medical professionals at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. The easy-to-follow mini-lesson is great for children who might be asking a lot of questions about the coronavirus.

‘Our Favorite Songs About Good Habits,’ Super Simple Songs

Hey, as long as you’re already talking about hand-washing during the COVID-19 outbreak, you might as well take the opportunity to promote good hygiene all around, right? This collection of sing-along songs covers hand-washing, teeth-brushing, cleaning up your play area, grooming, bathing, and other basic hygiene habits.

‘Germs Germs Go Away’ From ‘Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood’ On PBS Kids

In this toddler- and preschooler-friendly song from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Daniel Tiger makes believe that he can send germs on their way like a first responder. Along the way, he encourages younger kids to sneeze into a tissue, wash their hands, and cover their mouths when they cough.

‘The Handwashing Song,’ The Wiggles

This classic, dancey Wiggles tutorial about when and how to wash your hands has had a revival during the COVID-19 outbreak, racking up thousands of new views in recent weeks.

‘Germ Smart: Wash Your Hands,’ Saskatchewan Health Authority

This animated song, featuring a gnarly germ as the main character, will help kids understand the importance of disinfecting household surfaces in order to pretend the spread of coronavirus and other illnesses. This is a slightly more science-based, evidence-backed video for older or STEM-oriented children.

‘Wash Your Hands Song,’ CoCoMelon

CoCoMelon’s “Wash Your Hands Song“ gives younger kids a simple, interactive, step-by-step set of instructions on washing away their germs and staying mindful of the need to stay clean throughout the day.

‘Germs For Kids,’ The Kiboomers

A cute, catchy, bite-sized song about how germs can cause illness and spread viruses…and what to do about it. Best if you’d like to keep the coronavirus discussions at home light and straightforward.

‘Germs!’ From ‘Sid the Science Kid’ and the Jim Henson Company

This three-minute clip from Sid the Science Kid explains exactly why hand-washing is so important if we don’t want to spread or catch illnesses.

It’s best for elementary school students, who might be curious about the brief, kid-friendly explanation of harmful bacteria amid all the coronavirus discussion.

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