You can finally learn how to play the piano with this class bundle

Have you ever wanted to learn how to play the piano? Well, now you finally can.

To get started, check out The 2020 Complete Learn Piano For All Master Class Bundle, which includes 6 courses made up of 421 lessons aimed at teaching you how to play the piano and master music composition.

With 27-hours of instruction, you will start by sharpening your music education before moving on to learn the fundamentals of arrangement and composition. You will learn how to understand keys and write chords, major and minor scales, and the 7 different modes. By the third course, you will not just get an introduction to piano technique, theory, and arrangement, but you will also learn how to apply music theory in a practical way.

By the time you finish the bundle, you will have the skills needed to write your very own music. You will be able armed with a fundamental understanding of how to compose, produce and arrange a song from scratch and learn from examples done with one of today’s most prevalent digital audio workstations, Logic Pro X.

You will learn from professionals in the industry with decades of experience. John Vaughan, a music teacher, and director for over 10 years has taught thousands of students in more than 100 different countries. Another instructor, Thomas George, has a Masters Degree in Music Production and a BA Degree in Music Composition. With teachers like this, it’s easy to say you will be in good hands.

If you are ready to take on the challenge, then you can start learning to play the piano today for just $34.95—that’s over 90% off its usual price of $740!

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