‘Why do we exist?’ Brian Cox hints ‘we’re beginning to get answers’ to why we exist

Brian Cox addresses 'why we exist' on This Morning

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Physicist Brian Cox insisted progress was being made on finding out the reasons for why the universe exists. He noted that scientists did not have complete answers to these difficult questions but there have been steps forward to find the answer to the age-old question. He also highlighted some theories surrounding the existence of life.

He explained: “I want to ask questions. As you said, these are the biggest questions we can ask.

“How did the universe begin? Why is there anything at all? Why do we exist? How do we exist?

“Also, what the fundamental nature of reality is.

“I think we’ve all asked these questions at some level and using some language.

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“The remarkable thing is we’re beginning to get some answers, we don’t have all the answers.

“The answers to some of those questions, like why is the universe at all? Well, we don’t know.”

Professor Cox also highlighted the possibility that humans are actually holograms.

“We’ve come to the conclusion, I’ll just say it out loud then I’ll stop,” Brian began.

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“We might be holograms, the universe might not be at all as we perceive it to be.”

Viewers were quick to voice their shock and wonder at Professor Cox’s claims on Twitter.

One Twitter user wrote: “My minds been blown listening to Professor Brian Cox.

“Studying black holes in space, we are just holograms on earth, I can’t even.

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“Why is Brian Cox saying we might be holograms?

“Mate I woke up half an hour ago, what?”

Another commented: “You’re blowing my mind now. I was never good at science at school and I’m trying really hard to follow you and keep up here.

“But that is mind-blowing but space and science and things, it is mind-blowing.”

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