When does Too Close start on ITV?

Too close is a much anticipated psychological crime drama making its way to ITV in the near future. 

The series has been adapted from a novel of the same name and includes a cast of familiar faces. 

When does Too Close start on ITV?

Too Close will air on three consecutive evenings on ITV.

The first episode begins at 9pm on Monday, April 12 2021, with the series coming to a close on Wednesday, April 14.

What is Too Close about? 

Too Close is a three-episode psychological series written by author Clara Salaman and based on her book of the same name. 

The series focuses on forensic psychiatrist Dr Emma Robertson and her dangerous relationship with her patient Connie Mortensen, a woman accused of a terrible crime she has no memory of ever committing. 

Dr Robertson is tasked with investigating the truth surrounding Connie’s relationship with her best friend, Ness -a relationship that somehow caused Connie to attempt to murder a loved one.

Emma’s cold demeanour is a result of both her loveless marriage to her barrister husband Si and a traumatic event in her past – but she begins to unravel as Connie gets into her head.

The official synopsis says: “Connie has a searing insight into Emma’s deepest insecurities and starts to brutally exploit them. Their sessions become a complex psychological game with confusing undercurrents.”

Who's in the Too Close cast?

The cast of Too Close features a number of big names, including Academy Award nominee Emily Watson as Dr Emma Robertson. 

Best known for the Silence of the Lambs prequel Red Dragon, Watson has also starred in the Sky Atlantic historical drama Chernobyl. 

The terrifying Connie Mortensen is played by two-time Olivier award winner Denise Gough. 

Risteard Cooper stars as Si, Emma’s long suffering husband. 

The show also stars Thalissa Teixeira of Fast and Furious: Hobbs & Shaw fame as the enchanting Ness.

Where is Too Close filmed?

Too Close is filmed in Kent, including scenes recorded on Sheppey Way and Kingsferry Bridge on the Isle of Sheppey. 

The production company behind the filming of Too Close came under fire last November after wrongly closing the road to film scenes, leaving several cyclists stranded.

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