When do the clocks go forward and why do clocks change?

The pandemic seems to have us all reliving the same day over and over, glaring at the clock until it is an acceptable time to go to bed. But what if we told you that you will be missing a whole hour of sleep soon? It’s true. Clocks change twice a year in the UK, once forward and once back. But why do the clocks change? And when are the clocks going forward in 2020?

When do the clocks go forward?

The clocks always go forward at 1am on the last Sunday of March.

This year that is Sunday, March 29- this Sunday.

You will hardly notice the change since it happens in the middle of the night to ensure that businesses and schools are not disrupted by the time change.

Make sure you change all clocks that aren’t digital before you go to sleep.

The clocks are going forward an hour, so you need to change them to an hour later.



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Why do the clocks change?

American politician and inventor Benjamin Franklin came up with Daylight Saving in 1784.

We move the clocks forward and back in order to make the most of natural daylight.

Waking up earlier when it is brighter earlier in the spring and summer makes sense.

Back in the 1700s, waking up earlier meant saving candles but now it saves us from keeping our lights on all day.

Fun fact: Daylight Saving was brought over the pond to the UK after Chris Martin from Coldplay’s ancestor – a builder called William Willett – published a leaflet called ‘The Waste of Daylight’ in 1907.

Willett enjoyed a game of golf, and hated it when it when the sun went down and he had to finish playing his game.

Sadly, Willett never got to see the wide acceptance of Daylight Saving in the UK.

The change was only made a law in 1916 – a year after his death.

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When does summer start?

It is spring for the UK right now.

Summer does not officially begin until Saturday, June 20.

Autumn comes on Tuesday, September 22.

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