Travis Kelce lost truck gifted by Jason at strip club while in college

‘Went to the strip club, came out… it was gone!’: Travis Kelce recalls being gifted a pickup truck by brother Jason… before it was stolen just 10 HOURS later after a wild night out

  • The NFL’s most entertaining siblings reminisced about the story on their podcast
  • Travis won this year’s Super Bowl with the Chiefs against Jason’s Eagles , 38-35 
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The Kelce brothers are without a doubt the most entertaining siblings playing in the NFL… and the duo recalled a classic tale about how Jason gifted a brand new pickup truck to Travis, only for it to get stolen at a strip club on the same day that he gave it away.

The recollection of the story took place on the brothers’ ‘New Heights’ podcast, with Shannon Sharpe appearing as a guest on this week’s episode of the show.

Jason, 35, and who is two years older than his younger sibling, was drafted into the NFL while Travis was still a college student at the University of Cincinnati. He figured he would buy his kid brother a nice gift to celebrate his accomplishment of reaching the pros. 

‘When he got to the league, he was working with a car dealership in Philly, [though prior to that] he had just bought a brand new F-150,’ Travis said. 

‘Me being me, I totaled the car I had in college, so I was walking around on campus. He knew I needed a car, [so] he drives his F-150 down, knowing that he was gonna get a dealership car to ride around Philadelphia.’

Chief tight-end Travis Kelce (L) and Eagles center Jason Kelce (R) recalled a funny story from back in the day when only one of them had made it into the NFL

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After getting a new truck to go places, Travis’ first destination in mind was, naturally, the local strip club. 

‘I was like, ”Oh man, I’ve got this really nice car.” I wasn’t even traveling [before] because I had this kind of hooptie, that was just getting me to campus and back,’ Travis added.

‘So I take the car. Within the first 10 hours of me having the vehicle, I go up to Cleveland, visit the Boom Boom Room, went to the strip club, came back out, that car was gone.’

The 33-year-old tight-end, who’s made plenty of cash in salary money since his days in college, is coming off a stellar season with the Kansas City Chiefs, after beating the Philadelphia Eagles in this year’s Super Bowl matchup. 

Jason (L) and Travis (R) posing with their mother, Donna, prior to Super Bowl LVII in February 

Jason, on the other hand, was on the losing side of this year’s big game in Arizona. He plays center for the Eagles and is a five-time All Pro although he’s though about retiring since the last game of the 2022 postseason. 

As both siblings look back at their younger days, it became evident that Travis had thought about a cover up to tell Jason after learning that he lost the lavish gift given to him by his older brother. 

Jason revealed that Travis left the keys in the truck, though Travis brought up an important detail that seemed to have cleared his name in the heat of the incident. 

‘He didn’t tell me there was a spare key in the glove compartment,’ Travis said. ‘I had the key, I just didn’t lock the car.’ 

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