Top 25 everyday goals Brits set themselves – like drink more water

The top 25 everyday goals Brits set themselves include to drink more water, start saving for a holiday, and go on a diet… tomorrow. Research of 2,000 adults found being more positive, making time to see friends, and walking instead of driving, also ranked highly.

Financial goals are also prominent in the list – such as saving more money for retirement, kickstarting investing, and going a day without spending a penny.

But it is these money-related goals which are most likely to fall by the wayside, as 43 percent claim unexpected expenses get in the way.

And for a quarter of these, more pressing goals have cropped up, meaning their fiscal aspirations had to be shelved.

The research was commissioned by HSBC UK to mark the launch of its “Investment Calculator”, which allows customers who want to set aside money, to help achieve a goal, see how the value of an investment can change over time.

The bank has teamed up with success and performance coach, Katy Hill, to offer advice on how to fulfil your everyday ambitions.

She said: “Goal setting is key to equipping and empowering us to fully lean into our potential – whether that’s financially, at work, or in our relationships.

“So many people have big goals but don’t act on them. We need to get intentional, we need to get back in the driving seat of our own lives – life by design, not default, as I call it.

“Bold goals, such as saving for retirement, are the key to living your potential – but they need actionable plans, or they’re too overwhelming.

Setting goals in all areas of life is a powerful step towards a more fulfilling 2024 for you and those around you

Katy Hill, success and performance coach

“Take the time to work out what you want – and crucially, how you’ll get there – then take action every single day.

“We are all capable of so much more than we think, and setting goals in all areas of life is a powerful step towards a more fulfilling 2024 for you and those around you.”

The research also found 25 percent of adults set themselves what they consider unachievable targets.

But in contrast, 37 percent set the bar too low, so they can easily achieve them – with 79 percent of those finding that smashing easy goals motivates them to tackle others.

Upon completing a goal, 42 percent feel more positive about the future, and for 33 percent it is a confidence boost.

The most common goal that Brits are achieving is to be more positive – as 70 percent who tasked themselves with this have overcome the challenge.

However, 70 percent who have tried to drink less coffee have ultimately failed.

So far in 2023, Brits have set themselves three long- and short-term goals apiece – and 34 percent have a financial plan in place.

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These financial goals, on average, have been spread out over a five-year period, and 85 percent are confident they will achieve them.

Nearly half (45 percent) are checking in on their financial plans every month or more, while 29 percent are reviewing their progress twice a year.

The study, commissioned via OnePoll, also found 72 percent have been working hard to build an emergency fund – with these saving enough, on average, to cover their expenses for at least 15 months.

The research echoes findings from the HSBC Quality of Life Report, which identified saving for retirement as one of the top financial goals. However, just over half said they were financially well prepared for retirement.

Those who feel they hadn’t saved enough, had an average of an 87 percent savings gap they needed to fill to meet their retirement savings goal.

Felicity Sherman, head of transactional wealth at HSBC UK, said: “We applaud the spirit of determination Brits show in setting themselves ambitious goals.

“Whether it’s climbing the career ladder, embarking on exciting ventures, or hitting financial milestones – we understand setting goals is a vital part of personal growth. And for financial goals in particular, a well thought-out plan is key to success.

“For those who have an emergency fund and are able to invest, our calculator can help you plan ahead, and understand how the value of your investment may change over time.”

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