Tomato puree spills from truck, turning street blood red

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Who wants a pizza this viral moment?

The streets of Cambridgeshire, England, are running red as a truck carrying tomato puree spilled its contents in a nonfatal traffic accident.

A semi carrying “tons” of olive oil and tomato mash on Tuesday collided with another truck. The vehicle “lost its load and damaged the carriageway,” according to traffic authority Highways England.

BBC News reported that one of drivers was taken to the hospital, although they were soon discharged as they had sustained only a “minor” injury. Meanwhile, emergency road workers toiled through Wednesday afternoon to sop up the mess and ensure the roads were again safe for driving.

The cartoonish incident au-tomato-cally sparked a slew of corny food puns on social media, many worthy of rotten tomatoes themselves.

“I went pasta that. Took a while for the traffic to ketchup,” a jokester said.

One grumbled, “So this was the sauce of all the traffic problems in Cambridge today.”

“And I imagine when it does reopen cars will have to passata slow speed?” quipped another.

The road remained closed until about 2 p.m. on Wednesday, according to the Guardian.

In Heinz-sight, the wreck could have been the makings of one delicious dish, as one reader noted, “Just needs a lorry load of mozzarella and basil for the world’s biggest caprese salad.”

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