This DIY SuperKitties Halloween Costume Is Disney-Approved & Super Easy to Make

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Forget black cats this Halloween! Instead, make way for a tabby, a Bengal, a kitten, and a spotted cat: a fierce and furry superhero squad made up of Ginny, Sparks, Buddy, and Bitsy, also known as the SuperKitties. This purr-fect pack has pounced on the scene with a new animated hit show for pre-schoolers on Disney — and now the SuperKitties are unleashing their Halloween special along with ‘Howloween,’ a bewitching tune about their beguiling antics — and a tutorial for making your very own DIY SuperKitties costume for your kiddo.

You can watch the music video for free here, but in order to stream the entire episode (it premiered live on September 25, but you can stream it any time starting October 4), you’ll need a Disney+ subscription. Luckily, it’s easy to sign up here for a monthly rate as low as $9.99 (and they’ll throw in Hulu, too, as well as ESPN+ if you choose the higher tier).

“The humans have Halloween, but when you’re a pet, it’s ‘Howloween,’” the SuperKitties sing as they go about their business — which happens to be clawing, climbing and connecting with the citizens of Kittydale to accomplish extraordinary feats of feline justice, like battling villains and spreading messages of kindness, empathy, friendship, resilience and problem-solving. And on the spookiest day of the year, that includes finding all the stolen treats, because you can’t trick these meowing masterminds!

If you’ve got a little one under your roof who idolizes these furry warriors, then we’ve got a DIY SuperKitties Halloween costume to get your paws on stat. It’s easy to make, Disney-approved and totally paw-some! Best of all, you don’t need to be an experienced crafter or have any advanced tools to make this SuperKitties costume: just scissors, craft glue, a hole puncher and other standard supplies available at any craft store.

DIY SuperKitties Halloween Costume: Step by Step

This DIY SuperKitties Halloween costume-making video takes you through crafting a mask, ears, belt and tail, and the results are absolutely fierce. The mask requires a glitter foam sheet, black felt, cardboard and a series of crafting tools. It’s a matter of measuring twice and cutting once to make sure your little kitty cat can see through the eye holes clearly. The ears use a handband as a base along with white fur and pink felt — and a cutting and gluing process that takes a good eye and steady hands, but not much more creative prowess than that.

You’ll finish your DIY SuperKitties Halloween costume by trying your hand at a belt and tail combo that uses pipe cleaners, velcro and an actual belt to transform your kid into a true feline hero. If you choose to finish off the costume using the kitty icon, you’ll need stencils and a hot glue gun. But fret not — this official instructional video is here to the rescue.

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