The 'Sex and the City' Costume Designers Are Here to Breakdown Some Iconic Looks

The fits on Sex and the City were basically core cast members. Luckily the case was no different in the HBO Max reboot And Just Like That. This is why we decided to recruit the brains behind the operation for a special episode of Breakdown Breakdown. Co-costume designers Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago have truly got stories for days about the gorgeous ensembles that turn Sarah Jessica Parker into the legendary Carrie Bradshaw.

These two went down memory lane with us to reveal the truths behind some of the most iconic outfits worn in the reboot. Plus, we got the duo to spill about dealing with the internet’s reactions to the show’s wardrobe, the process behind finding the perfect piece for a scene, and even the $10 cardboard shoes Sarah Jessica wore for three days straight. Watch to hear all of this fascinating fashion tea…

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