The natural DIY beeswax moisturiser you can make in minutes

A few years ago I dabbled in making my own moisturiser. I had a whole lot of beeswax left after making some food wraps and was plotting what to do with it.

A little bubble bubble toil and trouble led me to create a simple, yet effective, moisturiser. It was really fun to make and the result was a thoroughly hydrating moisturiser that soaks into your skin beautifully.

Even my oldest child, who has eczema and sensitive skin, loved the result. This week I decided to have a go at another batch, to see if it was as easy as I remember. It is. And boy do my hands feel soft as I type this.

Sourcing the beeswax is the hardest challenge here, but it is easily overcome. When doing my research a few years ago I stumbled upon a NZ owned supplier of natural beauty product ingredients called Pure Nature. I grabbed my beeswax and almond oil from them online and it was really easy. They also have lots of other bits and pieces for making your own cosmetics, just in case you fall down that rabbit hole. It is easily done.

In this moisturiser I use lavender and geranium essential oils for a few reasons. I already have them on hand, they are naturally antibacterial and they smell great. Other oils that would work well would be rosehip, tea tree (use sparingly) and orange.

Maybe you have bored teens at home that need a project? Or you just like knowing what is in the products you put on your skin? Either way, this moisturiser recipe is a winner.

Natural beeswax moisturiser recipe

Use a digital scale to get accurate measurements for this moisturiser. This will make one large 250ml jar or you can make several smaller jars and share them around. Make sure you follow the step where the jars are sterilised in the oven, not only will it prevent any bacteria growing but it will also ensure that your jars don’t shatter when you add the heated oils.

You will need

90g coconut oil
40g beeswax
160g sweet almond oil
2–4 drops geranium oil
5–7 drops lavender oil


  1. Place jars (without lids) in a cold oven, preheat to 120C and heat for 20 minutes. Turn off oven and keep them warm while you do the rest. Wash lids well will hot water and soap, dry well.
  2. Add several inches of water to a medium-sized pot and heat it to a simmer on medium/high.
  3. In a stainless steel bowl measure out all of the ingredients on a digital scale.
  4. Place the metal bowl over the simmering water and stir until the coconut oil and beeswax have dissolved.
  5. Remove from the heat and allow to cool slightly. Don't let it harden.
  6. Pour moisturiser into jars and enjoy.

Test on a small area of skin when first using to ensure that you have no negative reactions. Anyone with an existing allergy to bees should use extreme caution.

When you first apply this moisturiser it will feel really greasy, but within five minutes it will soak into your skin nicely.

Note: Use very small amounts at first as this is a rich moisturiser and a little goes a long way.

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