The Knack debut coronavirus-themed ‘My Sharona’ parody video

They’ve got a knack for comedy.

New Wave darlings the Knack released a coronavirus-themed “My Sharona” video Thursday with a hilarious video filmed at home during lockdown.

Sadly, it’s not a full-on “Weird Al” Yankovic-style parody — and don’t hold your breath for him to make one, either.

Instead, guitarist Berton Averre shows folks how to play the song’s guitar solo — with the help of his dogs Freddy and Winnie — and how to disinfect the neck of your guitar to the tune of the song. Bassist Prescott Niles jumps in at the end for a “Bye, corona” bit, and the whole thing is accompanied by an informative text crawl at the bottom with facts about COVID-19.

The parody from Averre and Niles is particularly special since the Knack’s rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist, Doug Fieger, who died from cancer in 2010, was a co-writer on the original 1979 hit.

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