The Duchess of Cornwall dons furry slippers as she visits a mosque

Monochrome magic! Duchess of Cornwall wears a cream headscarf and swaps her boots for fluffy £19 slippers as she visits Wightman Road Mosque in London

  • Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, 73, visited vaccination centre in Tottenham today
  • The royal donned a pair of furry slippers to visit the Wightman Road Mosque 
  • She also met with the vaccination staff at  Lordship Lane Primary Care Centre

The Duchess of Cornwall donned a headscarf and a pair of fluffy black slippers for a visit to a London mosque today. 

Camilla, 73, looked elegant in the monochrome ensemble as she met local schoolchildren and volunteers at Wightman Road Mosque.

In accordance with the mosque’s rules, the Duchess of Cornwall removed her flat black suede boots and put on a pair of fluffy £19 slippers from online e-tailer Pour Moi. 

The footwear featured a twinkling jewel and pretty bow detailing.   

Earlier the Duchess visited the Lordship Lane Primary Care Centre, in Tottenham, where she met staff participating into the vaccination effort, to learn about their work.  

As a sign of respect, Camilla swapped the black swede boots she had on this morning for fuzzy black slippers and put a veil on to entre the Mosque.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, visited a vaccination centre in Tottenham this morning before meeting with locals in a mosque in Haringey, North London. For the visit, Prince Charles’ wife donned a veil and slippers as well as a stylish animal print face mask

The Duchess donned black fuzzy slippers with a ribbon detail in order to visit the Haringey mosque, pictured

Earlier in the day the Duchess was wearing a pair of boots for a visit to a vaccination centre

During her visit to the mosque, Camilla met with local children and watched them play before helping volunteer assemble food hampers for those in needs. 

She also spoke with volunteers about the important work they do and signed the mosque’s visitors’ book. 

She also unveilled a plaque commemoratring her visit to the mosque and community centre. 

 The initiative was formed by a small group of Guyanese Muslims, but now supports 30 different nationalities, working together to serve their community in Haringey and surrounding boroughs. 

Camilla looked at the boards documentating the different initiatives undertaken by the mosque in Haringey 

Camilla unveilled a plaque to commemorate her visit at the mosque and community centre, pictured

Camilla (pictured) donned a stylish black dress over a crisp white shirt with an angular lapel, and a cape for a monochrome look

The Duchess of Cornwall signed the visitors book during her visit to the London Islamic Cultural Society in Haringey

It was a busy day for Camilla, who arrived at the Lordship Lane Primary Care Centre donning a stylish black dress over a crisp white shirt with an angular lapel, and a cape. 

The Duchess wore a sanitary mask throughout the event as she spoke to the patients waiting in line to receive the covid-19 vaccine.  

Camilla looked relaxed during her visit. Here she is with Sister Bibi Khan, who gave her a tour of the premise 

Camilla seemed deeply invested in learning how the organisation has supported the local community through the coronavirus pandemic

The Islamic Cultural Society has over 30 different nationalities, working together to serve their community in Haringey and surrounding borough

The Duchess of Cornwall met local children and watched them as they drew during her visit this morning 

Sister Bibi Khan gave the Duchess of Cornwall a detailed tour of the organisation 

Camilla has been open about her fear of needles and injections – known as Trypanophobia.

But she has previously urged people to step up and get vaccinated against the virus, arguing that if she can do it, anyone can.

When she spied a staff member standing next to her with a needle she visibly jumped, but was reassured it wasn’t going anywhere near her today.

The duchess said gamely: ‘I am not sure I am very good at this but let’s give it a go.’ 

She was invited by the vaccine centre’s clinical lead, Dr Russell Hearn, to stand behind a table. ‘So what are we going to demonstrate?’ she asked, taking off her gloves and cleaning her hands.

The 73-year-old looked elegant in her monochrome ensemble as she met local schoolchildren and volunteers

Camila practiced social distancing as she spoke with volunteers at the London Islamic Society

She was told that the vaccine they were administering that day – Pfizer – came in concentrated form and needed to be carefully mixed with saline solution to dilute it.

The royal was then asked to invert the phial eight time’s ‘very gentle and slow’.

Dr Hearn urged her to be very careful in order not to break the layers, as if they are broken the vaccine does not work as well, he explained.

Asking how many inoculations it contained, she exclaimed: ‘Oh there’s going to be six! Goodness, it looks tiny. I always thought you got a whole one. ‘ 

Spotting a medical student volunteer holding a needle she exclaimed ‘oh’ and took a step back. ”Don’t worry, it’s not going nowhere near you,’ Dr Hearne reassured her.

The vaccine was then mixed with the saline solution and Camilla invited again to invert the phial another ten times.

Camilla seemed delighted to meet local children as she made her way around the moque today, pictured

During her visit, the Duchess of Cornwall gave volunteers a hand in assembling food hampers for those in need, pictured 

Duchess of Cornwall donned a headscarf and a pair of fluffy black slippers throughout her visit

She was asked whether anyone had dropped any of the precious vaccine and was told ‘honestly, only one in 50,000.’ ‘That is pretty good,’ she said.

Camilla, who was given her Astra Zeneca jab earlier this year, said; ‘This [the Pfizer] is a much more volatile vaccine.

‘They have to be kept at a very low temperature.

”Thank you very much for showing me. You have a very steady hand for doing that,’ she told the medical student who had assisted her.

During her visit, Camilla took the time to appreciate the beauty of the mosque, left, and signed the visitors’ book, right

‘I think I left the hard graft to you.’ She spoke at length with Dr Hearn about how he and his team had done so well in administering the vaccine – they are due to give their 50,000th injection this weekend.

The duchess had had been invited down to the centre by the Mayor of Haringey, Adam Jogee.

He has been instrumental in helping medical practitioners to encourage take-up of the vaccine in the area which, like many London boroughs with areas of affulence and deprivation, has struggled with misinformation and a lack of take up.

He told her: ‘It’s been amazing to see the hard work, the tenacity, the tears, the sweat that is going in to get everyone vaccinated. It’s a real pleasure that you are here to find out more about how we are getting our people safe.’ 

Earlier today, Camilla visited the Lordship Lane Primary Care Centre in Tottenham. Pictured sanitising her hands

Camilla was told that the centre is managing to vaccinate around 500-600 people a day and almost double the amount at weekends

She was told that the centre was managing to vaccinate around 500-600 people a day, moving up to 1,200 people a day at weekends. It is working seven days a week and up to 12 hours a day, injecting a patient every 30 seconds at peak periods.

‘So people are coming in,’ she said.

‘It’s really good that people are taking it up.

‘It’s the speed of it. It’s just extraordinary.’ Before she left the duchess met some of the volunteers and patients, including Zehra Majeed, a 4th year medical student who has administered more than 3,000 vaccines, and Dylan Fabas, a trained opera singer who has volunteered as a vaccine administrator for more than 600 hours.

They were both given commemorative pins for their efforts by Camilla who told them: ‘Am I allowed to hand them to you? It’s a pleasure it really is. I just want to thank the whole team and volunteers. 

The Duchess, who was vaccinated last month, met with patients awaiting their covid-19 vaccine

I have been a round quite a few vaccinations centres and I never cease to be impressed by the work everyone is doing. ‘ She said of the volunteers: ‘I think they are absolutely brilliant, the vaccinators and volunteers are the backbone of this country, we would crumble without them. 

They are absolute stars. I know people who I have trained to be vaccinators from all walks of life and they are doing a wonderful job. ‘ Speaking after the visit, Dr Hearne praised Camilla’s efforts and explained how Haringey was now at 64 per cent take-up, up from 46, adding: ‘

This is a highly diverse borough which comes with glorious benefits but also a lot of challenges.there’s a lot of health inequalities, which we also saw with Covid., particularly on the east of the borough. 

But we are making a lot of headway. There have been challenges. But things are moving in the right direction. We’ve had patients come in and their husband had died the week before. We have all been in the room crying.’

After her Tottenham visit, Camilla headed to the Wightman Road Mosque in Haringey.

In order to visit the religious institution, she had to make a few changes to her outfit, including swapping her black swede boots for slippers, and covering her blond locks with a veil. 

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