The Container Store is Saving our WFH Sanity With This Mega Office Sale

The Container Store basically saves all aspects of our lives on the daily, but this just in: office supplies are 20 percent off, and it really couldn’t have come at a more opportune time. Whether you geeked out over Marie Kondo’s Netflix show and decluttered everything in sight or you’re just starting to lose it over your cluttered impromptu desk situation at home (or lack of), we can all use some functional accessories to create a makeshift home office. With the help of smart office accessories, not only will you feel more at peace heading to your designated WFH desk daily, you’ll also have a routine to help create separation between work and home (so you don’t have to strain your neck working on your bed anymore).

It’s time to save your back, save your sanity, and just save your well being with an ergonomic desk setup. From the perfect little desk with built-in file storage to a genius laptop riser so you won’t wake up with a crick in your neck every morning, these smart office finds will greatly improve your productivity while working from home. Your mind and body will be sure to thank you for the small investment. Ahead, we’ve rounded up our fave pics from the sale, but there’s plenty more in store so make sure to take a peek here.

Image: The Container Store.

If you’re like most of us who are still adjusting to working from home, the biggest issue is that we don’t have a proper desk space at all. If you’re in a lull already, this small desk will instantly boost your productivity and help you create a work zone so you’re not ruining your sleep schedule by working in bed.

Nothing impairs your work flow (and your eyes) like a lack of adequate lighting. Illuminate your desk with this stylish lamp that also boasts a handy USB charger so you can charge your phone or other tech devices within reach.

If you’re guilty of slouching (pretty sure that’s all of us), you can’t ignore the need for an ergonomic chair. The wheeled based allows you to freely move, and the adjustable height will ensure you’ll be at the appropriate height so you’re not straining your neck.


This all-in-one desk organizer holds all your desk supplies in one compact container so you’re not taking up valuable real estate on your work space. The acrylic material adds an elevated touch to an otherwise ho-hum office setup.

One of the biggest culprits of neck and back pain is not having your computer screen level with your eyes. The solution?  This portable monitor riser that will instantly solve your home office woes.

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