Teacher mortified as students notice she’s ‘lactating’ after wardrobe gaffe

A horrified teacher has detailed how a wardrobe malfunction caused her young class to assume she was "lactating".

American TikToker Beth Philemon, who describes herself as a public school teacher and corporate product manager, took to the social media site to detail an experience she had in front of her eighth grade (13-14 year olds) class.

Taking part in the "wardrobe malfunction as a teacher" challenge, she said: "First class of the day and one of my Spanish students yells out something in Spanish that I don't understand, but everyone starts laughing.

"I asked one of the children what she said and she said 'oh, baby be hungry'.

"I'm mid-20s, single, living with my parents…super broke and still wearing my bras from my college days – those were the days when you would wear the Victoria Secret's bras with the gel inserts.

"Yeah, that was the day they decided to burst."

In the video, which has been viewed more than 740,000 times, she goes on to detail how the two burst bra cups made it look like she was lactating – much to the amusement of her class.

She then posted a picture of the state of her top that day, which shows two huge water marks over her bra area.

Ms Philemon spent the rest of that day hiding the marks with another jumper tied around her.

One viewer, a primary school teacher, wrote that she had had an equally embarrassing incident.

She said: "Had a pet snake. It got in my shirt and wrapped itself thru (sic) my cami. Couldn't get it out and had to teach the rest of the period like that."

She also told of a second story where she sat in "child's pee" right before taking part in a parent/teacher conference.

Another recalled: "I was passing out ice cream at the end of my first year and my linen pants fell right off."

And a third wrote: "My zipper broke and I had to secure it with a binder clip."

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