Teacher does hair and makeup before bed because she refuses to wake up early

A teacher has divulged her evening routine that means she doesn't have to wake up up "early" to do her hair and makeup before school.

In a video, Hannah, who hails from Kentucky in the US, shows herself applying foundation and wrapping up her wet hair in a towel to make it dry bouncy it while she sleeps.

"Get ready with me: Teacher who gets ready at night because to wake up early edition," she writes in the on-screen caption.

In a second video, she shows how her makeup is still flawless the next morning and all she has to do is put her hair in a "messy bun", make an iced coffee, and then go to work.

The video has been watched more than 3 million times since Hannah uploaded it on her @hanbanan0725TikTok on Monday (January 10) and people were divided over her morning time-saving hack.

One person confessed: "Makeup while sleeping feels like the most illegal thing ever."

Another user questioned: "So you basically never have clean skin?

"Where is your break between makeup and no makeup if you’re sleeping in it and also wearing it all day…"

"You lost me at the full face of makeup before bed sis," a third confused viewer commented.

In the comments, Hannah clarified that she did take care of her skin and replied: "Bro…no. Skincare routine as soon as I get home from work, makeup late at night."

When someone asked why she didn't spend a few minutes doing makeup in the morning, Hannha joked: "And take away my snooze button privileges?!? Absolutely not."

This comes after women on social media swore by a new beauty hack – putting lube on their faces instead of primer.

It's designed to make sex more pleasurable but some women claim it also looks great under a layer of foundation.

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