Supermoon: Best time to see ‘brightest pink moon of 2020’ in UK skies TONIGHT

Dr Emily Drabek-Maunder of Greenwich University explained the pink supermoon could be viewed all night. While on Radio 4’s Today Programme she also explained how the phenomenon got its name. The astronomer was asked the best way to view the cosmic event and what it would look like in the night sky.

She said: “Well, the nice thing about the supermoon is that you are able to see it all night.”

She added: “You will be able to see it all night and its fullest point will be about 3.35am.

“It will not set until the sun rises tomorrow morning, so about 7am.”

The astronomer also reflected on why the event is called the pink supermoon.

She said: “Unfortunately the moon is not going to be pink.

“The April fool’s moon is always nicknamed the pink moon according to the old farmer almanac.

“It is called the pink moon after pink faux flowers which are really common in North America.”

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